6 Different Varieties of Cucumber From Around The World
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Cucumbers are crunchy and light vegetables that are often consumed as a salad. Most people like to come by cucumbers with some tomatoes and onions and serve them with every meal to promote hydration and digestion. Because of its refreshing taste, a lot of cucumber drinks like cucumber, mojito, and cucumber juice have become very popular lately. 

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But people will be surprised to know that cucumber comes in different varieties. There are more than 100 species of cucumbers that can be found in the world. Most of these have autonomous taste and health benefits. Some of them are better for pickling purposes, whereas others are better for salads. In this article, one can get to know about some of the most popular varieties of cucumbers.

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* Persian Cucumber 

Persian cucumbers have a very similar outer appearance to that of English cucumbers. These are short in size and have a very crispy texture. The skin of the Persian cucumbers can be slightly bumpy. Taste-wise, Persian cucumbers are generally very mild and have a slightly sweet flavour. These cucumbers are mostly preferred for pickling or making dips in salads since they're extremely crunchy. One can also use them for munching or snacking as a healthier substitute for junk food.

* English Cucumbers

English cucumbers are also called the seedless cucumbers or hothouse cucumbers. These cucumbers are generally very thin and long. This is one of the cucumber varieties that doesn't have any seeds in the flesh. English cucumber is generally considered appropriate for different types of salads, garnishes, and for adding to sandwiches. These cucumbers have very tender skin, and the crispy texture helps elevate the taste of a burger or sandwich. Generally, the cultivation of these cucumbers happens in a very controlled environment as they're prone to getting dehydrated quite quickly.

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* Lemon Cucumbers

Lemon cucumbers are generally found in a very small and round shape. The flesh of these cucumbers is generally very pale and yellowish. Texture-wise, it is a lot more juicy and crispy than other cucumbers. Tatse-wise, lemon cucumbers are citrusy, which is why they are considered perfect for cocktails, salads, and garnishing purposes. These cucumbers are abundantly grown in the Middle East and India. It is believed that cucumbers originated in India and the Middle East as well and were a very important part of the diet of the working class in ancient times.

* Armenian Cucumbers

Armenian cucumbers are extremely slender in shape. Because of their outer appearance, they can be easily identified among different varieties of cucumber. Armenian cucumbers are also called serpent cucumbers or snake cucumbers. These have very thin and tender skin, which is unlike other varieties of cucumber. Flavour-wise, this cucumber is slightly sweet. Most people like to eat these cucumbers raw or add thin slices to sandwiches. Armenian cucumbers are considered extremely healthy because of their high water content. They are an extremely healthy choice for summers when one must consume food that is hydrating. These cucumbers are widely grown in the Middle East and Asian countries, such as Japan.

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* Japanese Cucumbers

Japanese Cucumbers are called Kyuri in their native language. Very much like Armenian cucumbers, Japanese cucumbers are also very thin and long. In Asian countries, this variety of cucumber is very popular. The aroma of these cucumbers is delightful, and they have a refreshing flavour. In Japan, people like to use these cucumbers to make sushi rolls and salads, and the special Japanese cucumber salad is called sunomono. Japanese cucumbers also do not have any seeds in their flesh, which is why they're quite popular in Japan.

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* Kirby Cucumber 

Kirby cucumbers have a very uniform texture and shape. These are generally small in size, which is why they are very popular for pickling. The outer skin of these cucumbers is very dark green in colour and also bumpy. One of the reasons why these cucumbers are very popular in many parts of the world is the fact that they retain their crunchiness even after they are pickled in a lot of vegetable oil and vinegar. Other than pickling, these cucumbers are also used for salads and in sandwiches. The cultivation of these cucumbers generally starts during the spring season or during the fall season in the months of September to November. These cucumbers are generally grown in different parts of the world, like India, China, Northern Thailand, and the US.