6 Different Pasta Shapes And How To Use Them Properly
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Pasta is a famous Italian dish that has become popular all over the world. Pastas are extremely versatile and can be cooked in different types of sauces with multiple vegetables, different types of meats, and cheeses. In fact, in India, people have learnt how to make pasta as per their flavour palette by incorporating various Indian spices as well.

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 But the process of making pasta in a true Italian essence is very stringent. If one wants to make authentic Italian pasta, then one has to follow some specific rules and regulations. One of these is to watch out for the shape and the type of pasta that they're using. It is a general misconception that any kind of pasta shape can be used to cook a pasta dish with different types of sauces. This is, in fact, not true, as each pasta shape has its specific purpose. Here are some top pasta shapes and their uses. 

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* Gnocchi

Gnocchi pasta is a small and oval-shaped pasta that has an appearance similar to that of a small snail. It is generally made from a mixture of mashed potatoes, flour and eggs. This type of pasta is made in combination with heavy tomato and buttery sauces. It is generally heavier than regular pasta’s flour, which is entirely made from all-purpose flour. Many people, in fact, like to consider it a pasta dumpling because of its different shape and texture. 

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* Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair pasta is also known as capellini and is a pasta variety that is very thin and long. It is important not to confuse this one with spaghetti as spaghetti is a little thicker as compared to angel hair pasta. This pasta has very long and thin strands. This delicate pasta is generally paired with very light sauces and vegetables. The taste of this pasta is kept simple and not too over the top. Many people also like to top it with different types of seafood, such as scallops.

* Ravioli 

Ravioli is a very famous pasta variety that is square in shape and stuffed with vegetables or meat along with cheese inside. Many people also like to infuse the stuffing with different types of Italian herbs like oregano and chilli flakes. Usually, this pasta is served in a light broth or soup. Ravioli is also available in circular and semi-circular shapes as well. While making ravioli pasta, one has to remember that the pasta itself is very heavy, which is why the sauce and the gravy are generally kept light. Most people like to keep the gravy or the broth of this pasta very little.

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* Lasagna

Lasagna is a big pasta sheet dish that is extremely decadent and multilayered. It is not at all easy to make this dish at home as it requires one to understand how to lay out the pasta sheets properly, along with tomato sauce, herbs, cheese, and other vegetables or meat that one would like to add. Lasagna is considered one of the oldest types of pasta, and it is made from all-purpose flour or wheat flour. The sheets are generally quite wide and were stacked with layers of vegetables, cheese, and different types of feelings like ragu. 

* Farfalle

Farfalle is another type of pasta, also known as ribbon pasta, butterfly pasta, or bowtie pasta. It is generally very enjoyed by children because of its amusing sheep. This pasta gets its name from the Italian word farfalle. In other parts of Italy, this past is also known as strichetti. This pasta generally works well with the light bees made from olive oil and butter. People like to use a rich sauce made from tomatoes and cream to make this pasta. This pasta is also used to make light salads by simply sautéing it with some vegetables and olive oil. It can be used as a side dish as well.

* Conchiglie

Conchiglie is an extremely beautiful pasta that has the shape of a seashell. This pasta is conventionally made from wheat flour and paired with different types of tomato as well as pesto sauces. Generally, this type of pasta is available in very big sizes, but a person can also find it in a smaller or a miniature variety. Conchiglie pasta is used to make tomato-based dishes with chunky vegetables and some source of meat along with cheddar cheese. It is also considered great for salad bowls and making casserole dishes. What makes this pasta different from other pastas is the fact that it has a shell shape, which allows the sauce to enter perfectly inside the pasta's surface.