6 Delicious Smoothies To Pair Fresh & Juicy Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits should be consumed every day, especially when at their fresh and seasonal best. But did you know that one of the best and easiest ways to have a combination of fruits and vegetables is in the form of a smoothie? To make a great smoothie, it is important to create a striking balance between the sweetness of the fruits and the natural zing and savouriness of the vegetables. To make smoothies even more interesting, the colours of fruits and vegetables play an essential role as they are translated into more vibrant ones. 

Video Credits: Hebbars Kitchen/ YouTube

A few things are to be considered in the pairing of fruits and vegetables such as complementing flavours, textures, colour coordination, etc. Experimenting with fruits and vegetables can therefore be quite an adventure and you need to be able to embrace the linking of the flavours and understand textures. Start small, like balancing the flavours of savoury vegetables with mildly sweet fruits, such as berries and spinach or kale. Watery vegetables blend well with softer, creamy fruits like bananas or berries. To enhance the texture of the smoothie’s chia seeds, flax seeds, or oats can be added for the thickness of your smoothie.

Here are some of the flavourful combinations of fruits and vegetables that can give you a burst of energy to your hectic day in a simple way.  

Avocado Banana Smoothie: 

The combination of two creamy ingredients with two exotic flavours, this smoothie is a velvety blend that is also filling, and luscious, and gives a satisfying taste experience. The avocado’s buttery nature and banana’s creamy sweetness make it a delightful indulgence. This vegan smoothie has a great flavour also thanks to the addition of almond milk. To make it more interesting, a dollop of honey and sliced nuts like almonds, pistachios, and chia seeds work wonders. 

Apple Spinach Fusion: 

The crispiness of apples with green gold spinach forms the base of a flavourful and balanced smoothie. Apple, with its unique flavour and sweetness, blends well with the green rawness of spinach. You should ideally use green apples for this smoothie, but red apples work just as well. Incorporating Greek yoghurt, almond butter, and chia seeds makes the flavour pop along with providing a beautiful shade of green to the smoothie.  


Zesty Orange and Carrot: 

This visually appealing smoothie is as good as it gets due to the burst of flavours it gets from seasonal oranges and carrots, especially during the winter months. The carrot, which has an earthy sweetness, is a harmonious combination with the orange’s slightly sweet and heavily citrusy flavours. The vibrant and palate-pleasing combination of these two in smoothie form can also be enhanced with the addition of honey, grated walnuts and even almonds.  


Pomegranate and Beetroot:

This smoothie is a definition of a unique and delightful flavour and quite the hit during winter months too. The colour of this smoothie is a treat for the eyes. The earthy and robust taste of the beetroots is excellently complemented by the slightly tart taste of pomegranate, making for the perfect marriage of flavours. This invigorating smoothie is a great vegan option in the summer and winter. You can add almond milk to make it creamier. 

Kale and Mango Blast: 

This smoothie is a delightful combination that offers the tropical sweetness of mango and the robust flavour of kale. Because mangoes are very sweet and kale tends to be slightly bitter, the combination balances out these dominant flavours and creates a smoothie that is just right. A little squeeze of lemon and grated ginger gives that zesty kick to the smoothie while enhancing the flavour.  


Papaya and Coconut: 

This smoothie is an exotic combination as it takes you to the tropical flavours of papaya and coconut. The slight tanginess and dominant sweetness of ripe papayas merge well with the sweet, creamy and slightly nutty flavour of coconuts. You can also add some coconut cream or milk to make this one vegan. Don't forget to incorporate honey and crunchy nuts in the smoothie as well.  


These smoothie combinations are delicious options to enjoy fruits and vegetables in style!