6 Delicious Cocktails That Feel Like A Festival In Your Cup
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What differentiates a regular cocktail party from a fun one is the small things that really contribute to the experience – starting off with the drinks themselves. Whether it is a simple sundowner with friends, or a formal dinner punctuated by crafted drinks, delicious drinks that can be paired with plates of food are always a hit. Cocktails that not only boast of yummy flavours but also have their own place in the larger experience of a social situation can make the occasion truly memorable. Once you get a few cocktail basics right, shaking up your favourite alcoholic beverage is only a matter of understanding flavours and having fun!

Pear Old Fashioned

Have a bottle of good quality bourbon on hand for this drink that you can combine with 75ml of pear juice and 25ml of sage-infused simple syrup for a cocktail with an earthy, aromatic effect. Offset the sweetness of the pear juice with a dash of bitters and garnish burnt sage leaves or wedges of pear on a stick.

Ginger White Russian

This vodka-based cocktail mixed with 25ml each of coffee liqueur and cream and a dash of dry ginger powder is a warm and creamy cocktail that is evocative of the gingerbread enjoyed at Christmas. An ideal dessert cocktail, this spice-y twist on the classic recipe is sure to have you coming back for more.

Pumpkin Dark & Stormy

Imagine a pumpkin pie spiked with dark rum – making this one of the best things to sip on when you feel like an instant pick-me-up. Use a generous splash of good quality rum and mix it up with 25ml of pumpkin puree, cinnamon powder and top up with non-alcoholic ginger beer. Serve this one with a cinnamon stick and a squeeze of lime for the perfect blend of flavours and balanced tastes.

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Maple Cranberry Smash

The antioxidant-rich cranberries – fresh or frozen, are the best foundations to make a this maple-infused Cranberry Smash. Simply use any gin of your choice and combine with a handful of muddled cranberries. Shake further with the addition of maple syrup according to how sweet you like your drink and a dash of lemon juice along with some club soda for a delicious blend of tartness and sweetness.

Pomegranate Martini

While it would be sacrilege to curate a list of cocktails without a twist on the martini, this ruby red rendition simply adds a dash of fresh pomegranate juice to a recipe that you prefer using to make the cocktail. Add a dash of fanciness and make it extra special by rimming your glass with sugar and garnish with a sprig of rosemary for a drink that will grab eyeballs at your next party.

Smoked Maple Bourbon Punch

While bourbon is mostly associated for elegant sips or a classic Old Fashioned, this smoky cocktail can also be made in large batches for a crowd. Combine bourbon with original maple syrup, apple cider, lemon juice and cinnamon powder for a spicy and warm accompaniment to enjoy at brunch or around a bonfire.