6 Curd Recipes That Can Be Enjoyed As Side Dishes
Image Credit: Image source: Pixabay

The taste of curd or yogurt complements other flavours especially spicy. The use of curd in Indian cuisine has been prominent. The food balances the spices and enhances the taste of fruit salads. It is associated with various health benefits too. Curd is good for the stomach, improves immunity, and helps in weight loss. You should include fresh curd in your daily diet especially during summer. A side dish made of curd suits almost all meals. Here we tell you about such 5 side dishes. Read on.

1. Cucumber Raita

A small classic bowl of cucumber raita is all you need for your biryanis. The flavours of both the main ingredients do wonders together without being overpowering. It's subtle and will surely raise the level of your day's menu.

2. Dahi aloo

Dahi aloo is a Punjabi dish that you can make alongside your heavy main dishes (like chicken dishes). It's light and easy to make and you can use the spices and ingredients of your choice.

3. Dahi masala

Love having those scrumptious parathas with dahi? If yes, dahi masala is perfect spicy dip for your parathas and rotis. Garlic and other spices used in this dish make it rich in flavours.

4. Green chilli raita

This dish will go well with all types of less spicy biryanis and pulao. It involves very few ingredients and just one step where you mix the chillies along with spices in yogurt and that's it, ready to relish.

5. Boondi raita

Another popular and delicious raita that you might have enjoyed in Indian functions is boondi raita. Tiny gram flour balls in curd having a spicy-sweet flavour could be an ideal side dish for an array of Indian dishes.

6. Dahi tadka

To make dahi tadka, onions, tomatoes, curry leaves and spices are cooked in butter and poured over fresh dahi. This is a pure delight that can enhance the taste of various main dishes.