6 Creative Bento Box-Inspired Summer Lunches For Children
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Are you also a parent who is tired of getting back unfinished lunchboxes? Children, especially the younger ones look for a source of enjoyment in everything, including their meals. The greatest way to make sure that your child finishes the lunchbox is to make it creative and add a lot of fun items to the lunchbox to make it complete and attractive. 

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Bento boxes are a very innovative way of surprising your kid regularly with an assortment of all the foods that they love and at the same time, keeping it healthy and balanced. The best part about bento boxes is that they are designed in such a way that they help in great segregation of food and keep it fresh for a very long time. Here are different types of bento boxes that you can make for yourself.

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* Garden Box

A garden box is a green and very well-balanced lunchbox that also has ham and strawberries. Instead of using ham one can also go for paneer slices or some boiled eggs. One can also add some cucumber pieces for that freshness along with 10 to 15 pieces of grapes. This is the perfect type of lunchbox for kids who do not like having very heavy meals but the parents want to make sure that they are eating healthy food that is also fulfilling. The variety will also keep the child engaged.

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* Movie Themed Bento Box

Most children are obsessed with one or the other cartoons or movies. There are a lot of famous movies such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Avengers and different types of cartoons that have grasped the attention of children like no other. Parents can use this attraction of children towards cinema to their advantage and buy moulds from the market to cut vegetables and sandwiches into the size and shape of their favourite characters. Also adding a similar colour scheme like that of the movie character or cartoon can be a great idea to make the lunchbox even more indulgent.

* Ocean Theme Bento Box

An ocean-themed bento box is also a very interesting way to make children eat their food. One can make some sandwiches in the shape of the mouth of a shark and cut it in the middle in the shape of its teeth. Along with it, one can cut watermelon or melons in the shape of fish and also add some blueberries to give it the look of an ocean. Adding some green salad can elevate the look of the box by making it look more like the plants of an ocean. Also, add some Greek yoghurt for extra colour and flavour.

* Cheese Cracker Bento Box

Making some cheese crackers at home is not just affordable but also all the ingredients are easily available nearby. The best part about cheese crackers is that they're great in taste. Adding some sources of proteins and fruits in the lunchbox can make it healthy. One can either take pretzels or just normal cracker biscuits. Inside this one can insert some mozzarella cheese along with some blueberry jam. One can serve some fruits like strawberries or watermelon along with spiced pieces of paneer for that protein.

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* Pancake Bento Box

A pancake bento box, certainly that you cannot have regularly. But it can be once in a month kind of a treat to your child after a hectic series of days at school. One can make these pancakes healthier by substituting all-purpose flour with bananas and oats. Make 5 to 6 small-sized pancakes and pack them with some strawberries and watermelon. Instead of giving honey or maple syrup, add some Greek yoghurt as a dip for the pancakes. These pancakes are certainly healthier than regular pancakes and equally delightful in taste.

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* Waffle Bento Box

A waffle pancake box is a great lunch idea, and also gives a room full of creativity to the person making it. All that one has to do is make a waffle at home with the choice of their feeling. Now put the waffle in the box and with the help of pretzel sticks, make mouse’s whiskers by attaching the sticks to the waffle with the help of some sugar syrup. Put a half-cut berry in the centre to make the mouth of the mouse. Make eyes with chocolate chips. The ears of the mouse can be made with the help of two smaller pancakes. Add some crackers, carrots, and melons to the lunchbox.