6 Condensed Milk Mocktails That You Would Love
Image Credit: Pexels

Are you someone who wants to avoid alcohol but also wants to fit into the weekend parties filled with drinks and cocktails? Don’t worry; the times when you just hold a boring glass of soda while making small conversations are gone. Here are some impeccable condensed milk mocktails that would give you mind-blowing flavours and relief from the plain old can of soda.

Who said condensed milk is only good for desserts? Just like the fancy cocktails like eggnog, Tom and Jerry, and so on, there are so many mocktails that you can make with condensed milk. Read on and explore some easy-to-make mocktails that would definitely make your glass classier at the next party.

Tropical Twist

While your friends sip on a pina colada, you can have your own mocktail with a tropical twist. 

To make this soothing mocktail, take some condensed milk, pineapple juice, and a squeeze of lemon. Blend them together and adjust the consistency with a twist of coconut water. Now, pour the mocktail into a glass and enjoy it with a pineapple wedge.

Creme Caramel

There’s nothing better than caramel in literally any sweet beverage. For an utterly indulgent mocktail, take some condensed milk and mix it with caramel syrup. Now, add icy cold milk and adjust the consistency as per your preference. Next, take a few ice cubes and stir the contents. All that’s left now is to garnish it with whipped cream and drizzled caramel sauce on the top, and you’re all set to have a big sip.

Sober Strawberry

If you’re looking to get the goodness of fruits in your mocktail, a glass of Sober Strawberry will be the perfect option for you. Even though this only includes the inclusion of strawberries, you can add in more seasonal berries as per your taste. So, to start, blend condensed milk with strawberries and some honey or sugar syrup. Add plain soda and a few ice cubes for the creamy, fruity mocktail.

Chocolate Fix

When it comes to making mocktails with condensed milk, there’s no chance of missing the good old Chocolate Fix. 

To satisfy your sweet tooth and have the most drool-worthy drink at your get-together, mix in condensed milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. Balance out the consistency with chilled milk and blend till you get a smooth mixture. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and your chocolatey drink is ready to be savoured.

Vanilla Chai

If you’re a fan of iced tea, it's time to turn it into an irresistible mocktail. You can start by brewing your go-to iced tea and adding condensed milk to it. Then, add sugar syrup, vanilla extract, and cinnamon to add another level of flavour. Stir the contents together, pour the mocktail into a tall glass, and you’re ready!

Coffee Cream

There are only as many coffee fans as tea fans, so here’s a condensed milk mocktail with your favourite coffee brew. You can start by brewing a cup of iced coffee just the way you like. Then, add a few ice cubes, condensed milk, and sugar syrup if required. Pour it into a clear glass and garnish it with sprinkling cocoa powder. That’s it: your coffee-based mocktail is ready to refresh you.