6 Chikoo Dishes You Can Prepare At Home This Summer
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The Indian climate doesn't allow people to love summer days, but summer fruits do! Refreshing and nutritious meal options are required as summer approaches. A great summer fruit is the chikoo, sometimes called sapota or sapodilla. Because of its juicy texture and naturally sweet flavour, it is a versatile component. Chikoo is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its ability to reduce body temperature makes it an ideal summertime weapon. As a tasty and nutritious method to remain hydrated, chikoo may be a fun ingredient to play around with in the kitchen.

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You can't go wrong with chikoo in savoury or sweet recipes thanks to its velvety texture and robust flavour. The addition of chikoo to any recipe, from a cool milkshake to a tasty dessert, will make it that much better. In addition to being delicious, chikoo is great for summertime meals because of its gastrointestinal advantages. If you're looking to spice up your regular meals with some new flavours and textures, try several recipes that call for chikoo. Try six mouth-watering meals that feature chikoo this summer and see what all the fuss is about.

6 Tempting Chikoo Recipes To Try

1. Chikoo Milkshake

Chikoo milkshake is a classic summer drink. Blend ripe chikoo with chilled milk and a touch of sugar. Add a few ice cubes for extra chill. This is apt for breakfast or as a midday refresher. The natural sweetness of chikoo reduces the need for added sugar. For a healthier twist, use coconut sugar or skip sugar altogether if the chikoos are very sweet. Enjoy it fresh for the best taste.

2. Chikoo Kulfi

Chikoo kulfi offers a delightful way to enjoy this fruit. Blend chikoo pulp with fresh cream, milk powder, and condensed milk. Pour the mixture into kulfi moulds and freeze until set. The creamy texture of chikoo kulfi is irresistible. Adding grated almonds gives it a slight crunch. This no-cook recipe makes it easy to prepare. Enjoy this frozen treat on hot summer days for a cooling dessert experience.

3. Chikoo Halwa

Chikoo halwa is a surprising twist on traditional halwa. Peel and blend chikoo into a smooth paste. Cook the paste with ghee until it thickens. Add grated khoya and sugar, stirring continuously. The result is a rich, flavourful halwa. Garnish with crushed cardamom and dry fruits. This unique dish showcases chikoo's versatility. Serve it warm as a comforting dessert.

4. Chikoo Sticky Buns

Chikoo sticky buns are an innovative take on classic cinnamon rolls. Prepare a dough and roll it out. Spread a mixture of pureed chikoo, spices, and brown sugar. Roll the dough, cut into buns, and bake. Drizzle with a sticky sauce made from jaggery and ginger. The combination of sweet chikoo and warm spices is heavenly. These buns make a great breakfast or dessert option.

5. Chikoo Salad

This chikoo salad is exceptional due to its unique blend of fruits, following a delightful muskmelon dressing. Despite their contrasting flavours and textures, apples and chikoos are a delightful combination. The dressing imparts a truly exceptional flavour and mouthfeel to the salad with roasted cumin seeds and coriander with the soothing flavour and pleasing colour of muskmelon. You can have this apple chikoo salad as a meal component or as a small snack between meals to prevent acidity due to extended intervals between meals.

6. Eggless Chikoo And Date Loaf Cake


Eggless chikoo and date loaf cake is a delectable treat combining the natural sweetness of sapota and figs. This whole wheat cake is soft, moist, and free of eggs, making it perfect for vegetarians. The blend of chikoo puree, dates, and muscovado sugar creates a rich, flavourful loaf. Baked to perfection with low-fat curd and olive oil, it offers a healthy twist on traditional Indian cakes. Ideal for a wholesome snack or dessert, this cake is both nutritious and delicious.

Chikoo offers a refreshing twist to various dishes, perfect for the summer season. Its natural sweetness and rich texture make it versatile for drinks and desserts. Incorporating chikoo into daily meals can provide a nutritious boost and exciting flavours. These six recipes highlight chikoo's potential in the kitchen. Enjoy experimenting with chikoo and discover delightful new dishes this summer.