6 Benefits Of Drinking Ash Gourd Juice

We have always heard how essential it is to have vegetables. From carrots to beetroot to all the leafy greens, every single vegetable is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins and could be a boon for overall health. But this piece is dedicated to a quite underrated vegetable known as Ash Gourd. This vegetable may not be as popular as others but believe me, it is much more powerful than you can ever think. It is a highly potent vegetable that can help the body in so many ways. 

Known as ‘Kushmand’ in Sanskrit, this vegetable is considered a ball of energy. Best way to consume this is vegetable is raw and the next possible way which is easiest is to have its juice. Ash Gourd juice detoxifies the body to the fullest. Ash Gourd has been valued a lot for its medicinal properties and its juice, when consumed properly, can promote better digestion, clear out the toxins and can even promote weight loss. Here are the detailed benefits of drinking Ash Gourd juice. 

Video credits: Tasty Appetite/Youtube

Aids Weight Loss 

Low in calories and high in dietary fiber, Ash Gourd juice becomes a perfect drink for weight loss. Its high-water content can keep the body hydrated while its fiber content prevents hunger pangs. So, if you are trying to lose weight, why don’t give ash gourd juice a try?? 

Good For Gut Health 

Fruits and vegetables with high fiber content are considered beneficial for the gut health. Since Ash Gourd has high fiber content, it promotes the growth of good bacteria and prevents constipation and other related issues.  

Helps In Muscle Relaxation 

Ash Gourd’s pulp has high antioxidants and can be an effective muscle relaxant. It can efficiently calm down the muscles and can also treat insomnia and anxiety to a great extent, as per some studies. Did you know this? 

Aids Wound Healing 

Ash Gourd is a vegetable that can help the healing process of wounds and can also treat hemorrhage. As per some known studies, Ash Gourd leaves have a cooling effect on the bruises. It can also help in treating internal bleeding, as per studies. 

Helps In Detoxification Kidneys 

Ash Gourd is a vegetable best known for clearing out toxins from the body and detoxifying. Because of its detoxifying properties, its juice can help in detoxifying kidneys and preventing urinary tract infections. Some studies believe that this juice can also prevent kidney stones. 

Can Treat And Prevent Respiratory Diseases 

When it comes to cough, cold, asthma or diseases like bronchitis, consumption of Ash Gourd juice is considered beneficial. This juice can provide relief from breathing problems and can help in getting rid of respiratory illnesses. 

When are you starting to have this juice?