6 Amazing Tricks That Will Help You To Ace Your Biryani Game

A potpourri of flavours, is one word that can truly define our beloved ‘biryani’. It is one of the best dishes that can please everyone with its synergy of spices and herbs. Needless to say, the sheer popularity of this dish across the subcontinent, also gave ample room to experiment with them. This created a wide range of sapid biryani variants with the inclusion of various ingredients ranging from various meats, vegetables, spices, seasonings and even culinary techniques. Yet, sometimes following even a detailed recipe could seem difficult and tricky. We are quite intimidated by the number of ingredients and the prolonged cooking hours that goes into making the dish and give up on the idea of homemade biryani. But we urge you to hang in there, for we brought you these amazing secret tips that will help you to make tantalizing biryani of your dreams, every time you step into the kitchen. So, let’s get started with these ultimate hacks.

1. Choosing Rice

Rice is a very vital part of the dish, and you should only use long-grained ‘Basmati’, as it doesn’t stick with each other, even after long hours of cooking. Moreover, it gives an exquisite texture to the dish which is quite hard to find in regular rice.

2. Soaking Rice

If the rice in biryani is sticking to each other, it is simply not a biryani. Every grain of rice should be separated from each other and should be visible to the eyes as well. To do so, you only have to soak the rice for 30-40 minutes before cooking, to get the best result. 

3. Greasing Utensil

Many of us don’t pay attention to this part. But let us tell you, it is very important to grease the wok properly before preparing the biryani. This method ensures that the ingredients involved in the dish won’t burn or stick to the utensils.

4. Spice It Up

In any dish, spices ramp up the flavour of the meal. It is an ubiquitous necessity and thus it is more essential when it comes to biryani. Using raw spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, fresh bay leaf, and star anise, will enhance the flavour of biryani and will also give a nice aromatic touch.

5. Cooking Rice And Meat Separately

Whichever meat you choose, whether chicken or mutton, try to fry them separately, instead of pressure cooking it with rice. This is said to be an easy way to cook biryani, especially for beginners. You should also marinate the meat for at least 3-4 hrs before the actual preparation. This technique will bring the flavours of the ingredients individually.

6. Slow Cooking

Biryani is a work of patience and perseverance. To get the best result of biryani you should ideally follow the cooking technique of ‘Dum’. The slow cooking process is the top secret for a mouth-watering biryani.