6 Air Fryer Recipes You Should Make This Evening
Image Credit: Pexels

Be it a weekend or a lazy day at work, there are days when you want to skip making dinner and just want to indulge in some crispy snacks. But you resist yourself because of the unhealthy deep frying involved in making them. Well, you don’t have to think twice about the oil before frying to make your snacks in the air fryer.

Frying with a flush of hot air has made the process quicker and healthier. So, if you are looking for some easy and indulgent air fryer recipes, here are some quick recipes around the world that you can try making at home. So, preheat your air fryer, gather the basic ingredients, put your apron on, and get ready for a snacky evening. 

Peri Peri Fries

Fries are the first snacks that come to mind when you look at the air fryer that has been placed in the corner of your kitchen, catching dust and desperately waiting for you to make something of it. So, why don’t you start simply by making peri-peri fries? Just take some potatoes, slice them up length-wise and toss them into the air fryer with just a little olive oil. After they are crispy, take them out, add some peri-peri seasoning and enjoy. 

Aloo Tikki

If you’re in the mood to eat something traditional and sumptuous, go for aloo tikki. You can start by taking boiled potatoes and mashing them together with finely chopped onion and your go-to spices. After making the mixture, take small portions, make a round shape, and fry them in the air fryer. Take them out when they are cooked from both sides, and then add some curd and red and green chutney with red chilli powder and a little salt. Garnish with sev and pomegranate seeds and dive right in.

Chicken Wings

You can’t always order your favourite chicken wings from the store next door, right? So, why don’t you get the wings and marinate them in your favourite sauce? After waiting for about half an hour, toss them into the air fryer and let them cook till the colour turns golden brown. Just like that, your crispy chicken wings will be ready in a few minutes, and you can eat them with a hot chilli sauce to give them the best flavour.

Cheese Balls

Doesn’t everyone love the mouth-melting cheese balls that have crunchy exterior and chewy cheese on the inside? To make this utterly delicious snack, you can make a mixture of flour, mozzarella cheese, onion and garlic paste, and a little salt. Make small balls and roll them in breadcrumbs. Air fry the balls and arrange them on a plate with a side of dips and ketchup, and your evening snack is ready.

Mushroom Bites

Are you looking for a savoury vegetarian option for your evening snack? If yes, then mushroom bites will just be perfect for you. So, take some mushrooms, brush them with a little olive oil and fill their caps with a cheese mixture. Air fry them till the mushrooms turn golden brown and are crispy from all sides. In just a few minutes, you can take them out and enjoy with a chutney or chilly sauce.

Bread Rolls

Bread rolls are a sumptuous snack option that can even be made with your leftover lunch. All you need to do is slice some bread and add a savoury vegetable filling in the centre. You can also add meat and cheese to make it even better. Roll the bread to cover the filling and air fry. Once it becomes crunchy, you can enjoy it hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup and make the most out of your evening.