56 Dukaan Vendors Promise Free Poha-Jalebi To Early Voters
Image Credit: Subodh Sathe/Vecteezy

Ahead of the upcoming assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, shopkeepers from the famous 56 Dukaan – the hub of Indore-special delicacies like bhutte ka kees, have offered to distribute plates of free poha-jalebi to customers who cast their votes before 9 am on the 17th of November. Aimed at people as an attempt to boost voter turnout and exercise their national duty, the president of the 56 Dukaan Traders Association – Gunjan Sharma, said that the vendors hope for Indore to be amongst the top in voting.

The famous breakfast combo of savoury poha and crispy-sweet jalebis will also be available at a ten percent discount to customers who cast their votes after 9 am, for the duration of the day. 56 Dukaan has been famously awarded the ‘Clean Street Food Hub’ by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The election of the 230-member strong assembly will be held in a single phase following the assembly polls of 2018, which had a 67 percent voter turnout.

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In a statement released to the Press Trust of India, Gunjan Sharma said, “Indore occupies the top position in the country as far as cleanliness is concerned. Now we want our city to be at the top in voting as well.” Sharma hopes that this refreshing incentive will encourage more people to make a beeline at the voting booth, helping boost the overall polling percentage. Indore city has also been the leading example of ranking on top of the charts for its cleanliness, hence aspiring the shop-owners to join forces and usher citizens to cast their ballot.