5 Yummy Hung Curd Recipe Ideas That Will Surprise You

We are no stranger to the many healing benefits of curd. Have it in the morning, or evening- and you are bound to feel good about yourself. Not only is it light and cooling, it is also a good probiotic that helps fortify your gut. According to many experts, a healthier option is hung curd. Hung curd is nothing but curd collected after the water-y whey is removed. It is said that that this dense and rich version of curd contains twice the amount of protein and nearly half the amount of carbohydrates as compared to regular curd. The sodium amount of this curd is also very low, making it ideal for those with high blood pressure. It is also filled with good bacteria to feed your gut and a good gut health is linked with good digestion, improved immunity and overall health. You would be surprised to know that hung curd or Greek yogurt could be used to make a gamut of delicacies. Here are some fabulous ideas.  

1. Srikhand: This classic Gujarati dessert is made with an eclectic mix of hung curd, cardamom, saffron and nuts. Simple yet exquisite. Slurping, already? We feel you.  

2. Onion-Jalapeno hung curd dip: Hung curds could also be used as excellent dips for your chips, nachos and lavash. Take some hung curd and whip it with chopped onions, jalepeno and spices of your choice- and you are done. 

3. Dahi ke kebab: This melt-in-your-mouth North Indian starter defies all our pre-conceived notions about kebabs. The pure veg kebabs are super delicate and made with fine mixture of hung curd, paneer, besan, green chillies, ginger and rustic spices. They are cooked on tawa in oodles of ghee.   

4. Potato Salad: The potato salads you are a fan of are actually not that difficult to put together. Take some roasted baby potatoes, slather over some hung curd followed by herbs and seasoning and you are good to go.  

5. Hung curd sandwich: Ditch your salty spreads and mayonnaise, take a slice, add a dash of hung curd. Spread it evenly over the bread. Add some finely chopped veggies and herbs or your choice. Toast or grill.  

Can’t wait to try these recipe ideas? Well, who stopped you anyway?