5 Yummy Back-To-School Desserts To Try That Are Healthy
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A lot of parents find it very difficult to make their kids complete their lunches at school. Many kids come home without completing even half of the school lunch that was packed for them. Most of these kids want to eat something delicious and visually attractive. The difficulty here for parents is striking a balance between healthy and delicious.

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One thing that most kids like having after their meals is something sweet. While a lot of people are against the idea of giving something sweet to children after the meal, eating sweet food in a small amount and in a healthy way doesn't do a lot of harm to the body. Also, a sweet dish at the end of the meal can be a source of motivation for the kid to complete the whole lunchbox. For parents wondering how to include a healthy sweet treat in their children's lunchbox, here are some recipes that will come in handy.

* Oat Bars

An oat bar is a wonderful source of fibre and also has a lot of other essential nutrients. It is also highly digestible and yummy at the same time. One can make homemade oat bars by using some dark chocolate and dates for that sweetness. All of these ingredients have to be cooked in a saucepan with a little bit of milk and some honey. One can also add some dry fruits or hazelnuts along with sunflower seeds. Mix everything well until the mixture becomes thick. The final step is to just set all the ingredients on the top of a piece of parchment paper and let it freeze in the refrigerator until it gets a sturdy shape. 

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* Pomegranate Popcorns

Pomegranate popcorn might be a recipe that not a lot of people are acquainted with. However, it is surely worth a try because it is healthy and exceptionally delicious.The recipe is extremely simple, as one has to simply put a little bit of vegetable oil in a saucepan. Now add popcorn kernels as per the desired quantity and let them pop. After they begin to pop, take the pan off the heat and let it cool. Now carefully add some piri-piri seasoning and mix everything well. 

On top, add half a cup of pomegranate seeds along with a little bit of black pepper. This combination of sweet and savoury desserts is a crunchy treat that is going to conclude the meal very well.

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* Fudgy Brownies 

Who doesn't love having some chocolaty and indulgent brownies? These taste heavenly and can be a great source of motivation for completing lunch, specifically for children who love having something chocolatey. However, having these brownies in their conventional form can be a bit unhealthy for the body. Hence, it is best to make them healthy. To do this, one has to start by greasing the baking tray with some vegetable oil, followed by adding all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and brown sugar in a bowl. Mix all of these ingredients very well. Now add two cracked eggs and some grated apples with buttermilk to the mixture. Keep this in the oven for 30 minutes and once it has been cooled properly, cut it into small pieces.

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* Fruit Yoghurt

Fruit yoghurt is not just a fresh and delicious option to pack in lunch for kids, it is also exceptionally healthy and easy to make. One doesn't need a lot of ingredients to make this at home. Simply take some fresh yoghurt and add the fruits of your choice. One can also add some muesli and fresh seeds to make it complete. This can be packed in the lunchbox and will be thoroughly enjoyed by kids.

* Banana Dips

Banana dips are a great way to compel kids to complete their lunch, as they are squishy, sweet, and very subtle in taste. They're also very easy to make, as one has to simply mix bananas in a bowl with some lemon juice and add some low-fat yoghurt to this mixture. Now put this in a container and let it freeze for some time. The next day, pack this for lunch with other fruits, such as apples. The banana dip is very fresh, creamy, and extra tasty.