5 Watermelon Cocktails For Your Long Weekend Party
Image Credit: Pexels

There's nothing better than watermelon in the summer. Whether you like it as a fun and sweet treat or in your salads, there are many ways to enjoy watermelons in summer. This year, you can do more. Beat the heat by turning your watermelon snack into an alcoholic drink with one of these summer cocktail recipes, perfect for sipping by the pool and cooling off on warm summer days–especially those long weekends. 

Truth be told, watermelon is an excellent ingredient for mixed drinks not only because of its refreshing sweet taste and hydrating nature, but also because of its bright pink colour that turns an ordinary cocktail into a colourful and attractive drink. No matter your spirit of choice, rum, tequila, gin and vodka, a watermelon cocktail is a delicious drink that will turn heads. So cut up the watermelon, get out the fun glasses and get ready to pour. Watermelon season has arrived. Are you ready to celebrate with watermelon cocktails?

Watermelon Daiquiri

Summer is something light, refreshing and full of the best flavours of the season; especially watermelon. This year, you can ditch the long list of ingredients and fancy bars in favour of tried and true classics. Enter the watermelon daiquiri. This frozen cocktail combines rum, lime juice and sugar with frozen watermelon cubes for a cool and balanced drink to beat the summer heat. Garnish the cocktail with slices of watermelon for an added flavour of the fruit.

Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

Watermelon vodka cocktails are another great way to serve a fun drink to your guests. This drink is refreshing, slightly sweet and very clear. To make a watermelon vodka cocktail, all you need is four cups of fresh sliced watermelon, one tablespoon lemon juice, half tablespoon honey, water, and vodka.Combine these ingredients in a blender, strain and serve with a garnish of mini watermelon slices and mint leaves.

Agua Fresca

Refresh yourself with agua fresca, a Mexican thirst-quenching drink made with a combination of fruits like watermelon, mango, cucumber,etc. Cut the watermelon in ice cubes shape and blend it in a mixer. Pour the puree of watermelon into a strainer set over a bowl.Transfer the mixture to a jug, add the rum/tequila into the watermelon juice. Add ice and garnish the tip of the glass with salt, lime and watermelon cube.

Watermelon Rum Punch

Mix watermelon, ginger beer and rum to make a slushie you can drink by the pool. Canned seedless watermelon with slices for garnish also work wonders for this recipe. Add fresh lime juice, a bottle of ginger beer, watermelon slices in a blender and blend it until smooth. Pour through a fine mesh strainer into a large bowl or jug. Add rum, and lime juice, then mix well to combine. Refrigerate until ready to serve. To serve, add ice cubes and watermelon slices.

Watermelon Cilantro Lemonade

Two of summer's highlights, watermelon and lemonade, together in one delectable drink with a shot of vodka–what more could you ask for. To make this watermelon cilantro lemonade you need fresh lemon juice, canned watermelon slices,vodka, and fresh cilantro leaves for garnish. Mix lemon juice, sugar, watermelon and cilantro in a jar. Using a slotted spoon or the handle of a wooden spoon, mash until the watermelon breaks up. Add vodka and shake for one minute to dissolve the mixture. Serve in glass and top up with watermelon slices and cilantro leaves.