5 Water Apple Recipes To Cool Yourself This Summer

As the summer season knocks on the door, the market is packed with juicy and refreshing fruits like bright red watermelons and sweet mangoes. However, apart from the popular options, there are plenty of indigenous fruits in India such as water apple that are worth trying. Commonly known as chambakka, safed jamun, rose apple or pani seb, water apple is native to Southeast Asian countries including certain southern regions in India such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

Though water apples are quite a rare in India, it has got plenty of health benefits and can be included in the diet in many ways. This fruit is crisp and juicy and has a sweet and slightly sour taste. The vitamin C, A, fibre and antioxidants present in water apples make it a perfect ingredient for hot summers. The abundant water content of this fruit hydrates the body and the vitamins boost skin health. 

Chambakka Pickle

If you are looking for an alternative for your usual mango pickle, then this recipe is perfect for you. With its exotic sour and tangy taste, chambakka pickle is very popular in Kerala. Made with water apple, chilli powder, asafoetida, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and a few curry leaves, it gets ready within half an hour. All you have to do is cook the fruit with the spices and let it rest for two days. It is best served with curd rice or any kuzhambu. 

Chambakka Wine

This fermented drink is perfect to sip on a hot summer afternoon. Made with ripe water fruit, sugar, yeast, dried ginger, cloves and wheat kernels, it has a sweet and tangy taste. The duration required to ferment chambakka wine is 21 days in which you need to stir the drink every alternative day. You can also add beetroot to the recipe for an extra flavour and vibrant pink colour.

Water Apple Jam 

Everybody loves fruit jam so why not enjoy a unique taste this season with water apple. Made with just fruit and sugar, it is extremely delicious and chemical free. To prepare the jam, blend the chambakka into a fine paste with a little water, then add the sugar and cook on a medium flame until it reaches the consistency of jam. Let it cool completely and store in a jar in the refrigerator. You can enjoy it with the bread slices for up to a month.

Rose Apple Salad

Due to its tangy sweetness and amazing health benefits, this fruit is a great addition to your salad bowl as well. Combine chopped rose apples with lettuce, cucumber and red onion, season with the dressing of sesame oil, pumpkin seeds, lime and your favourite spices and your summer salad is ready to serve. 

Water Apple Juice 

This super quick and yummy juice is perfect to beat the summer heat. Made with just four ingredients- rose apple, sugar, lemon juice and water, it is great for soothing the symptoms of indigestion. This beverage is best served when chilled, and you can also garnish the juice with mint leaves before enjoying.