5 Veg Snacks You Can Easily Make In An Air Fryer
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

If you are someone who loves gorging on fried food but hates the oiliness that comes with it, air fryers are made just for you. This kitchen gadget was invented to cook or fry food with less or no oil. If you happen to have an air fryer at home, and are confused about how to put it to use or what all delicious dishes you can cook with it, we’ve got you covered. 

While a common usage is to mostly reheat food or cook semi-cooked frozen foods, air fryers can go much beyond to make food from scratch too - exactly like the ones you cook on a stove. Wondering how air fryers work? They use convection to circulate hot air that spreads to all the surfaces of the food kept inside it, and ensures even cooking from all sides. Besides, they are super easy to use and clean. 

But much beyond semi-cooked food and reheating, you’ll be surprised to find out what all you can cook in your air fryer. From crispy and crunchy food just like you get from deep frying in oil, to a lot more, an air fryer can come in handy in many cooking shenanigans. The best part? You only need one tablespoon of oil (sometimes, none at all) to cook in an air fryer! Isn’t that amazing? Here are some quick and easy vegetarian snack recipes you can try out in our air fryer next.  

1. Potato Wedges 

A plate of potato wedges is a classic, isn’t it!? A delightful snack for any day, potato wedges are super easy and quick to make. Simply boil your potatoes, cut them into the shape of wedges, and mix them with butter, red chilli flakes, salt, and oregano, but you don’t have to put them into hot oil. Simply transfer into an air fryer with as little il as possible, and let the magic unfold. 

2. Falafel 

Mediterranean treats have found a fan following worldwide, and falafel has people swooning over it thanks to its own mouth-watering flavours. Packed in pita pockets and laced with some generous amount of hummus, falafel is one indulgence you can’t resist. So, this time, after making the healthy base of falafel with chana, cook it in the air fryer and enjoy. 

3. Fried Momos 

Aren’t crispy fried momos the ultimate crowd pleaser!? While we love the crisp and crunch of the deep-fried momos, we can’t deny how unhealthy that is. So, to ensure that your momos are cooked in less oil, air-frying is your best bet? Not only will they turn out as crisp as you want but also be less oily.  

4. Pakode 

Yes, we know you cannot imagine pakode without them being deep-fried, but here’s news- you can actually make the crispy crunchy and super yummy pakode with less oil in an air fryer! Baste them with a teaspoon of oil and put into an air fryer. 

5. Paneer Tikka 

Tikkas in any form are delicious. For vegetarians, paneer tikka is one of the top recipes. This starter will be ready within minutes and is easier for all recipes. Cover your paneer pieces in a spice mix with some oil and cook it. When it is done, serve with green chutney and relish.