5 Varieties of Edible Eggs You Didn't Know Before
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Eggs are the most common non-vegetarian item present in every kitchen. The versatility of eggs makes them a part of our everyday meals. Eggs are rich in essential nutrients like protein and that's why we are often advised to consume them daily. Eggs are majorly preferred by gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Chicken eggs and pigeon eggs are known to everyone. But do you know that there are other varieties of eggs too? Yes, there are several other types of edible eggs that most people are not aware of. Let's know about 5 of such lesser-known eggs.

Duck eggs

These eggs and their yolks are bigger in shape than the usual ones. Also, they taste similar to chicken eggs. Duck eggs are a rich source of vitamins, fat, and protein. Their shells are thicker too.

Emu eggs

Emus and their eggs are consumed in areas like Maharashtra and South India. Beautiful in appearance because of their greenish-blue colour, emu eggs are very big in size and taste better than chicken eggs.


These rich-looking eggs belong to Roe fish and contain antioxidants. These were eaten by aristocrats and rich Greeks initially. Nowadays, caviar is basically used for garnishing and as a side dish.

Turkey eggs

The shells of these eggs have spots and are bigger in size compared to hen eggs. They're similar to the size of duck eggs. Their taste also matches that of hen eggs. These are also good source of calcium.

Goose eggs

Being rich in protein, goose eggs can be an ideal option for those trying to lose weight. These eggs are bigger than hen's eggs, have harder shell and are creamier.