5 Disney-Themed Dessert Ideas For Children’s Birthday Party

Children love cakes and birthday parties. Many just for their birthday or to attend a birthday party just because they will get to relish sweet decadents without their parents shouting about cavities and other oral health issues. Among several cartoon-based themes, you can try underwater Disney-themed cakes and sweet dishes.

Video Credit: Cakes By Chopp A/ YouTube

Over decades, The Walt Disney Company has done an exemplary job in giving generations fond memories of watching their favourite cartoon character come to life. They have made animals and humans talk underwater. What can be more fascinating than that? Here are a few innovative ideas for desserts that you can consider for the next children’s party.

Finding Nemo

There is hardly a Gen-Z or millennial who doesn’t know about Nemo. Even boomers are aware of this film because their children have seen it like a hundred times. You will need gummy fish to make everything look real and fondant can be used to make the blue base for the ocean and green plants. 

You can either decorate an entire cake with this theme or pick cupcakes. Some can have Nemo and his father, others can include Dory and multiple Nemos. Apart from this, you can create colourful jelly shots and call them coral shots. It would be a big hit at a children’s party. 


Who doesn’t know a cute sea monster named Luca? His adventures on the land included fun scooter rides and trying pasta, gelato, and other dishes cherished by humans. A cake based on this animated film would be easy to decorate with fondant.

You can create underwater creatures shown in the film or the scenery of Luca floating in the depths of the ocean. You can make colourful coral-representing candies and hide them in the cake or keep them in a jar. Using similar techniques, you can also decorate cupcakes and pastries. 

Finding Dory

If you think children won’t be impressed by Finding Nemo-themed dessert, you should try Finding Dory-themed delectables. When the forgetful gets lost, every child roots for her to meet Marlin and Nemo, her friends. 

Make blueberry cupcakes and decorate them with blue and green icing, representing water and aquatic plants. You can add vibrant candies and jellyfish on the top. You can use fondant to decorate the cake based on the characters in the film.

The Little Mermaid

If you are organising a party for girls, The Little Mermaid-themed cake would be an ideal addition to the menu. Ariel is everyone’s favourite because she dives deep into the ocean and talks to aquatic creatures.

Using fondant, you can create a castle on the cake. You can also make little figures, sea shells, pearls, starfish, and whatnot to decorate a cake, pastry, or cupcakes. If you are an artist, try making Ariel, and the children will go gaga over the dessert. You can make colourful macarons too and add fondant caricatures on the top. 


Moana is a coming-of-age animated film in which the princess is shown as a warrior setting out to fulfil an old ancient quest. She is a rebellious teenager who gives hope to people that a princess does not always need a prince to shine bright in her life. 

You can make Moana-themed fruit parfait layered with pineapples, mangoes, and yoghurt. Add flower slices on the top to complete the garnishing. Using fondant, you can also decorate cakes and cupcakes. Fruit custard is another sweet dish that can be made based on the theme of Moana.