5 Unbelievably Delectable Ways To Use Ricotta
Image Credit: Unsplash

Ricotta cheese is an excellent ingredient that is a MUST in your staple pantry. It is extremely versatile and there are abundant ways you can use this type of cheese. The best part about this cheese is that it makes some extremely tasty dishes and not only that, there are many healthy options too which you will never run out of. You should treat Ricotta as a tool to make your food awesome. But one thing you must always look for is to buy premium-quality Ricotta whenever you are purchasing to make sure that your dishes and recipes turn out the way they are supposed to and that you get the best taste and quality.

Origin Of Ricotta Cheese

The process of manufacturing ricotta, which in Italian means "recooked," includes warming the whey used to make other cheeses like provolone and mozzarella. Italians used the milk whey of any milk breed, such cows, sheep, goats, and Italian water buffalo, to create ricotta, which has its origins in Italy. Ricotta is often made in the United States using a combination of whey plus whole, low-fat, or skim cow's milk. Ricotta is readily accessible and reasonably priced.

Now that you know what exactly Ricotta is, here are some ways to use and make the most out of your Ricotta cheese. 

1. Ricotta Cheesecake

A cheese-based dessert known as cheesecake is normally made with cream cheese, while some recipes call for cottage cheese or even sour cream. This delicacy has a very thick, creamy texture and a flavour that can be anything from excessively sweet to quite acidic. Instead of being a dessert item, cheesecake can be found in some regions as a savoury tart. They are a common item in pastry shops, and restaurants all around the world serve them as featured desserts. One is also rather simple to make at home. As stated earlier, you can substitute different types of cheese when making a cheesecake, in this case, Ricotta.

2. Ricotta Gelato

We all know what a Gelato is, but if you don’t, here’s a quick summary- in a nutshell, gelato is Italian ice cream made with the same components as American ice cream, however, in a different ratio. With Ricotta cheese, you can make numerous types of gelatos that are bound to taste heavenly. It is hard to go wrong here. The best aspect of this ricotta cheese gelato is that ricotta makes an extremely rich and creamy gelato.

3. On A Pizza

Let’s keep it simple. Pizza is not a pizza without cheese. You can make homemade ricotta cheese pizza which will undoubtedly please your taste buds. The yummiest part is that the pizzas turn out so cheesy and creamy with very little effort. You can add mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan all together for variety.

4. Add In A Pasta

Just like pizza, another dish that is incomplete without cheese is pasta. They simply go hand-in-hand. Pasta with ricotta cheese results in softer, creamier and rich pasta that will brighten up your day. One of the most popular pastas using ricotta cheese is Lemon Ricotta Pasta and Spinach.

5. Make A Creamy Dip

To make a dip, combine ricotta with some parmesan, some mayonnaise, and some cooked, frozen spinach. All these ingredients result in a very creamy, thick dip. Not only that, this dip is quite healthy considering its ingredients but it turns out very tasty. Use this dip as an accompaniment to chips, french fries, fried chicken or meat or simply use it as a spread in your sandwiches, shawarma or rolls.