5 Ultimate Benefits Of Mosambi That Will Blow Your Mind

Summer comes loaded with a gamut of seasonal fruits and each of them has their own repertoire of benefits. Citrus fruits are believed to boost the immune system and also help keep us hydrated during the summer season. Mosambi, also known as sweet lime, is one of the most delicious and nutrient-dense citrus fruits. In India mosambi is mostly consumed in the form of juice accompanied by chaat masala and kala namak, making it one of the most refreshing drinks ever. Apart from being sweet and lemony in taste, it is immensely nutritious too. Sweet lime is a rich source of vital nutrients and including it in your daily diet can provide you with a lot of health benefiting properties. Here are some of the benefits of the fruit you may not have known.

1. Healthy Gums

Mosambi is a powerhouse of vitamin C, and it provides all the required nutrients that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Various studies have shown that it can cure ailments like scurvy and prevent bleeding of gums. Drinking a glass of mosambi juice can also reduce bad breath.

2. Healthy Gut

The flavonoids present in mosambi boost the digestive process simply by stimulating the acidic digestive juices. Drinking a glass of mosambi juice can also help regulate your bowel movements.

3. Healthy Immune System

The extracts of mosambi have anti-congestive properties that contribute to a much healthier immune system. And the presence of vitamin C in the fruit also keeps the seasonal flu at bay.

4. Weight Loss

The presence of citric acid in the mosambi helps to boost the metabolism that could help burn fat. Drinking a glass of mosambi juice every morning could help shed those extra kilos. An even better idea would be to have it whole so that you get essential fibres as well. 

5. Healthy Skin

Mosambi contains antioxidants which work as a cleansing agent. It detoxifies the body and imparts a natural glow and shine to your face.

So, what are you thinking? Grab some mosambis and chomp away!