Monsoon Special: 5 Kachoris That We Can Never Get Enough Of

Kachori is a fried, flaky pastry that is often stuffed with a tempting filling made of either lentils, onions or peas. Since the snack is so popular across the country, there are as many versions of it as well- some bizarre, some iconic. Here are 5 types of kachoris that never fail to impress us.  

1. Pyaaz Kachori

A Rajasthani marvel. This flaky pastry is filled with caramelised onions mixed with hot rustic spices. The melt-in-your mouth filling is in stark contrast with the super crispy exterior. This kachori is served crushed with a smattering of sweet and spicy chutneys.  

Image credit: Instagram photo by @that_food_freak

2. Dal Kachori

A super popular variant of kachori. Dal kachori can be both khasta (or crisp) or soft (almost puri like). This special kachori is made with a super-hot and spicy lentil stuffing. It is popularly paired with an equally fiery potato curry.  

3. Mawa Kachori

If you think kachoris are only meant to be spicy, be ready to be surprised. Mawa Kachori is perhaps one of the richest kinds of kachoris out there and it happens to be sweet to the core. This kachori is stuffed with a sinful mixture of mawa or khoya, saffron, sugar and almonds. It is traditionally made in desi ghee, which explains its wholesomeness.  

4. Raj Kachori

This street food is a sheer explosion of flavours, colours and textures. In this popular chaat item, a puffy kachori is punctured in the centre with a dash of yogurt, spoonful of various sweet and spicy chutneys, sev potatoes, coriander and chaat masala.  

Image credit: Instagram photo by @foodybe9

5. Matar Ki Kachori

This stuffed kachori is popular across India with various names, in Rajasthan it is often called Vatana kachori, in Bengal it goes by the name of Koraishutir kachori. There is marked difference in texture though, it could be both firm or soft. If your kid is too fussy about eating his peas, this could be your best bet to make them love peas or matar.  

Go ahead indulge, we are not judging.