5 Types of Chips You Can Make At Home Without Any Fuss
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Who doesn't prefer chips as their anytime snack option? Once you open a packet, there's no way you can save some for the next day. Having crossed all geographical boundaries, it has globally become an inseparable part of everyday food. If you like relishing them but worry about their unhealthy ingredients, homemade chips are an option for you. You can use the oil and flavours of your choice while making them and that's going to save a lot of your hard-earned money. Here are 5 types of chips you can make at home.

Potato Chips

These are the most popular chips that can be prepared without any fuss. If you don't have a microwave, you can fry them instead of baking after drying properly under the sun. This very common Indian household practice is easy and offers you crispy and tasty chips at home.

Banana Chips

Yes, you can use bananas to make chips. This is the second-best option to go for. Banana chips taste awesome with dipping or with some spices or chili flakes on them. These are famous in South Indian states where raw banana chips are deep-fried in coconut oil.

Carrot Chips

Don't be surprised! Yes, you can turn these root vegetables into delicious chips. Carrot chips would be a healthier option compared to your normal potato chips. You can bake or fry them as per your preference.

Nacho Chips

This Mexican food item has become popular recently and you can please your kids and guests smoothly with these. Serve with cheese, vegetables, sauce, or any way you like. You can go for extra veggies to make them a part of your Sunday breakfast.

Bread Chips

Bread chips are crispy and extremely delicious. While making them, you can add garlic or other spices and serve with dipping.