5 Types of Alcoholic Drinks That Can Bring Fun to Your Parties
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Drinking alcohol is no longer taboo. Occasional drinking at parties or a glass of wine on a date is something very casual these days. While people with traditional ideology still look at the drinking culture in a derogatory manner, a contrasting picture is seen in high-profile societies. Drinking is often seen as a status symbol. Some advocate the habit by saying that many alcoholic drinks like red wine and beer are very healthy for the body. When it comes to the trend of considering it a 'cool thing', individual sensibility is much needed. Alcohol addiction is fatal and there are numerous examples around us.

As long as one has control over their actions, they must enjoy life by relishing a cool evening drink in peace. There are also certain benefits of having alcoholic drinks but only when you indulge in them occasionally and in the right amount. Parties are indeed incomplete without some drinking but if you are someone who's new to it and dubious, here is the guide. Let's see some of the popular alcoholic drinks and the basic differences between them.


Beer is the oldest and most common alcoholic beverage. It is mostly brewed from malted barley, wheat, rice maize, etc. After removing the sugar, yeast is added to make the alcoholic drink.


Vodka is authentically made using potatoes and cereal grains. But fruits and sugar are also good options for making it. It's great in cocktails especially the fruit ones, though it's loved neat too.


It's a spirit aged only in barrels. It's made using fermented grain mash. Barley and rye (malted or not), wheat, and corn are some ingredients that could be used to make it.


Rum is another distilled drink aged in barrels. Molasses and sugarcane juices are used to make rum.


Best for chilling winters, brandy is made using early grapes. It's a distilled wine and often aged in wooden casks.