5 Tricks to Master the Art of Plating

While preparing good food is a talent, plating that food aesthetically is an art in itself. A lot of times this is ignored but in the age of social media, “Good looks matter”. Just think about it, if you aren’t tempted to eat the dish by simply looking at a picture of it, why would you give it a second thought? That’s why we are giving you 5 easy tricks that give your plate an extra edge and make it look appetizing. 

Add textures 

Think of the plate as your canvas. Give it different shades and textures by using sauces and syrups. This helps to highlight the different aspects of on your plate. However, don’t go too overboard with them as it might confuse the taster. 

Don’t spread too much 

You may think that a full plate would look tingle the tastebuds. But that is not the case. If you dish has several elements, don’t spread them on the plate because then none of them will show a relation to each other. Instead, try to give a height to your food by placing something on the base and then adding layers on top. Place your food in the center and clear the edges to give a clean image. 

Create contrasts 

Play with colors. For instance, if your plate is white, then all dark colors will be prominent. In case your dish is a light green, brown, use colors like purple, to catch the eye of people. 

Opt for edible garnishing 

Just like elements of a painting, every element on your plate should make sense. There should be a reason to place it there. Using edible garnishing as much as possible will make the person eating the food understand of why something is placed there. 

The right choice of plate 

If it’s a curry, round- shaped serving bowl would be appropriate. If the dish itself has a lot of vibrant colors, opt for a simple white plate. This will enhance the presentation of your food. Black can be use in case your dish has minimal colors, especially when white is dominant. Try these plating hacks and let us know if they help.