Technically, a foodie is someone who loves eating and munching all the time. There are many signs of being a foodie, from being subtle to distinct in their way. It is not just about you love food; you have excellent knowledge of what you’re eating and a sense to channel the spices or ingredients. Here are some signs that show love towards your food and much beyond your relationship with it. 

1. Your bad day means a cheat day.

If you have an awful day, you have already decided to make it up by eating junk food. So, for you, this is the quick-fix solution for a bad day. But, of course, the best combo you want is the fried chicken with potatoes, an entire cola bottle and ice cream at midnight. 

2. Official food recommender

Whenever your friends want to try out something different or a new place to eat, hang out, or chill, you are on a speed dial number. As of course, you have already tried all the new sites and dishes in the town. 

3. Always have a space in your big tummy.

Even if you have just had a lavish meal, you feel hungry by the smell or looking at something yummy—for example, cheese pizza, kebabs, or chocolaty waffles. 

4. Thinking and dreaming about food

You fantasize about food to such an extent that you even dream about taking a bite of pudding, burger, or crispy, cheesy loaded pizza. Or, while enjoying dinner at an elegant restaurant, do you plan your next meal in your mind?

5. You judge people on their food preferences

We know judging a person is terrible, but you choose your friends according to their food preferences. Do you ask people about their favourite food at the first meeting? If yes, then congratulations; you are unmistakably a foodie.