5 Toppings That Can Instantly Transform Any Soup Bowl
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Although soups have started to become more popular in the past few years, most people still think that soups must be eaten only when one is sick. In reality, soup is one of the best meals to have specifically during dinner as it is easy on the stomach and very digestible. Also, soaps can be made with a lot of ease and have numerous nutritional benefits. One of the best ways to have soups is by making them with a lot of vegetables and including one source of protein.

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But not everyone likes having simple food regularly and people need some sort of kick in their food that gives them the motivation to eat. Soups provide a lot of room for experimentation and one can use several toppings to make soups more exciting and flavourful. Here is a list of some soup toppings that can instantly transform an ordinary soup into an extraordinary dish.

* Cheese 

There is barely anyone who doesn't like having some extra cheese in their food. Cheese is a very important part of some famous dishes like pasta, pizzas and garlic breads. But one might not have seen cheese being used in soups a lot of the time. The most common way of adding thickness to a soup is by using some cream. But one can also go for cheese for that extra flavour and thickness. Upon melting, cheese gives a very creamy texture and also compliments the crunchiness of vegetables. The best type of cheese that one can use to mix in the soup is mozzarella cheese. It can be simply sprinkled over the soup just before it is served so that it melts at the correct time. 

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* Fresh Herbs

If one doesn't want to experiment too much with spices and different types of flavouring ingredients, then a simple way to add a lot of flavour to the soup is by using some fresh herbs. One can choose to make these herbs at home or simply buy them from the market. The taste of these herbs will be more palpable if they are fresher. Other than giving a wonderful taste to the soup, they also provide an enticing aroma. If herbs are not available, then using some ginger and garlic will also work. Remember to use ginger and garlic very carefully as both of them have a very strong flavour.

* Butter

Adding dollops of butter to soup also gives it a very creamy and delightful flavour. There is something about butter that instantly changes the taste of a particular dish. The best type of butter that can be used to add to a soup is the salted butter that is available in the market. The salt present in this butter compliments the flavour of the soup very well and makes the texture very luscious. If one wants to go extra creative, then one can also use some garlic butter, which is even more flavourful and strong. It is going to make the texture of the soup very rich and also one doesn't have to use multiple ingredients to make a soup taste better.

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* Croutons

Crouton is another very popular soup topping that instantly changes the way a soup tastes. These are small cubes of bread that are toasted or fried and added to the soup. Because of their crunchy texture, they go very well with the creaminess and the thin texture of the soap. The best type of croutons can be made with the leftovers of stale bread. Some people also like to add some boiled noodles along with croutons to their soup to make it extra delicious. While this may not be the healthiest way to eat the soup, it is certainly delightful.

* Nuts And Seeds

This is for people who like having something crunchy in their soup. Breadcrumbs are obviously a very commin topping that are usually eaten with soup, but nuts and seeds are a healthier version. One can simply add some walnuts, almonds, and peanuts to the soup to make it more appetising. Before adding them to the soup, they must be dry-roasted properly so that they have a good crunch. The taste of the soup will be improved but what is more commendable is the increase in the nutritional value. This is a hearty and healthy soup version that will surely be liked by all the health enthusiasts out there.

These are some delicious soup toppings that one can try adding to their soups. Small changes like these can make a boring dish into something exciting.