5 Tips To Make Perfect Veg Noodles At Home
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Noodles are a Chinese delicacy that has become so popular in India that now India has its versions of both veg and non-veg noodles. Noodles in India are spicy and mixed with a lot of sauces and vegetables. The spicy noodles can be found at almost all Indian functions and social gatherings and are enjoyed by people of all age groups. It is a concoction of tantalising flavours and an appetising aroma that attracts everyone from even a far distance. It is specifically loved by kids, which is why it is an important part of most birthday parties. 

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Most of the noodles that are available in the market are generally prepared with low-quality ingredients. This is why purchasing those noodles from the market might not be a very good choice for health and may upset one's stomach. But the problem with preparing noodles at home is, it's difficult to get the same balance of flavours as market-bought noodles. Here are five simple tips that can help anyone make restaurant-style noodles at home.

* Consistency Of Noodles

Most of the time, noodles made at home are overcooked, which is why they become soggy after being mixed with vegetables and sauces. While cooking noodles at home, one has to be extremely careful about the boiling time and constantly check the stretchiness and consistency of the noodles. While cooking noodles at home, it is important to make sure that the water in which the noodles are being cooked is not boiling. Also, while cooking noodles in a pan, it is important to cover the lid of the pan. One must also add a pinch of salt to the noodles as it speeds up the process of cooking the noodles. One can take the help of a fork to check if the noodles have been cooked or not.

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* Type Of Vegetables

Veg noodles give the  opportunity to add a lot of healthy and green veggies into the noodles. Generally, the noodles that are available in the market have very low-quality vegetables that are often rotten. While making noodles at home, one can choose a lot of fresh and firm vegetables that add crunch to the noodles. This includes mushrooms, cabbages, capsicum, carrots, and onions. During the process of sautéing these vegetables, one must ensure that these vegetables are only slightly cooked so that they do not become too mushy after being added to noodles. This will help in maintaining a certain crunch factor in the vegetables.

* Types Of Spices

Different types of spices can be used to prepare veg noodles, but one must remember that noodles are a Chinese delicacy, and one cannot make them taste like Indian curry. While certain elements of Indian flavours can be added to the veg noodles, to enjoy these noodles to the fullest one must be careful about the choices of spices and sauces. Spices like turmeric, garam masala and red chilli powder can be used, but stay away from spices like cardamom powder, aamchur masala and dhania powder. 

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* Protein Source

To make the veg noodles healthier and more filling, one can go for a source of protein. Now this depends on the choice of the people who are going to eat the noodles. Some of the common vegetarian and vegan sources of protein include paneer, soya and tofu. These condiments will not only make the noodles more fulfilling but also a lot healthier. Small pieces of any of these sources of protein can be added to the noodles and cooked along with other ingredients.

* Sauces

Sauces are probably the most important part of preparing veg noodles at home. These are responsible for giving noodles their true taste. One must make sure that none of the sauces overpower the others. So a balance of all the ingredients must be maintained. Some of the most common types of sauces that are used in preparing veg noodles include red chilli sauce, soya sauce, and green chilli sauce. If preferred, one can also add some shredded cheese or mayonnaise. Cheese can help in tackling the evident flavours of sauces and make everything balanced.

* Seasoning 

Another thing that makes a lot of difference in the overall taste of veg noodles is chilli flakes, oregano and some other dry herbs. These are extremely effective in enhancing the taste of almost any dish and also an easy way of elevating the flavour of a dish. These herbs can be sprinkled on the veg noodles just before they are about to be served. Not only will they make the noodles delicious, but also give it a beautiful aroma.