5 Tips & Tricks To Clean Drinking Water Bottles At Home
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For that very purpose, most people like to store a lot of water bottles in the refrigerator early in the morning so that the water consumption for the rest of the day is sorted. However, very often, people forget to clean their water bottles from time to time. As the temperature and humidity levels in the summer are pretty high, the susceptibility to bacterial growth is also a lot higher as compared to other seasons. 

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To avoid the spreading of bacteria in the water bottle and the water getting infected, here are some tips and tricks to clean water bottles at home effectively.

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* Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great disinfectant and is used for cleaning different parts of the house. To clean a water bottle properly, one can make a paste of baking soda, lemon juice and a little bit of water. This paste is going to help clean different parts of a water bottle effortlessly and remove all kinds of possible stains. One should take equal parts of both baking soda and lemon water for the best results. After scrubbing the water bottle properly, one can also add some hot water to melt off the stubborn stains and then the bottle can be rinsed off with the help of water and a scrubber.

* Spray Solution 

If there is a lot of grease and gunk present on different parts of a water bottle then the best way to get rid of it is to make a paste of baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and a little bit of warm water. After mixing all of these ingredients, put them in a spray bottle and spray it on different parts of the water bottle wherever it is needed. Now one has to wait for at least 15 minutes before washing the water bottle with clean water and then letting it dry before using it.

* Vinegar Solution 

Vinegar and water solutions are one of the most uncomplicated and hassle-free ways to get rid of stubborn stains and gunk present in water bottles. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and not only just cleans the bottle but also helps in getting rid of an unpleasant smell. One has to simply take a bowl and add equal parts of vinegar and bomb water. This diluted vinegar solution has to be applied on all parts of a water bottle and the person has to then wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing water bottles with cold water.

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* Lemon And Neem Water

Lemon and neem water remedy is specifically for people who want their bottles to have a fresh fragrance. To make this blend, one has to first take some water and then add neem leaves as well as lemon slices into the water. Now this water has to be heated until the mixture starts boiling. After it has been bowled properly, the mixture has to be placed inside bottles for at least 20 minutes. Now it can be taken out and the bottles can be washed with the help of a soap to remove any bitter and sour effects that lemon and neem leaves might have left.

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* Hot Water And Dish Soap

Using some hot water and dish soap is an old and trustworthy way of cleaning not just water bottles but a lot of other utensils as well. Many people believe that cleaning soap is not enough for proper hygiene. However, it is very much sufficient but the only secret code is to use warm water instead of cold water along with it. Warm water helps in getting rid of a lot of stubborn stains by melting them off. To clean a water bottle properly, one can buy a bottle cleaning brush or simply take a toothbrush as it will also do the function. With the help of the brush, one can reach different parts of the water bottle properly and scrub these parts. One must keep on adding warm water from time to time for the best results.