5 Things To Eat That Will Delight You In Mcleodganj
Image Credit: Photo: Pepper Bus

There are some really beautiful small suburbs and towns that visitors can explore in Northern India; the likes of which include Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Palampur and Kangra among others. My all-time favourite place is Mcleodganj. When the plains have exhausted your energy, and it gets uncomfortably warm, then the simple way to rejuvenate is to head to this lovely suburb of Mcleodganj. The weather is beautiful throughout the year.  

Did you know that Mcleodganj is the official residence of the 14th Dalai Lama since 1959? He was granted asylum in India, as a result of the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Over the years, Mcleodganj has been named “Little Lhasa”, as the phrase is an ode to the city, Lhasa, which is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is considered sacred by Tibetan Buddhists. Thousands of Tibetan refugees have also settled down in Mcleodganj. No wonder you’ll find so many colourful prayer flags that are strung along the peaks, which are used to signify peace and blessings for the homeland and eternal hope for a reunion. There are very deep meanings behind every colour of the flag. You must learn about it. The novice monks of today also live in Mcleodganj.

Now, let's get to the point. 

Here's why Mcleodganj is such a beautiful destination to spend a couple of days and slow down: it is not just a place of pilgrimage and retreat centres. In fact, Mcleodganj is a rather exciting destination for foodies, too. Here’s what you can eat in Mcleodganj:  

1. Fruit Teas And Sweets

No matter which restaurant you pop into, most of the cafes in Mcleodganj offer teas and delicious desserts which are displayed on the front counter. For a mountain suburb, Mcleodganj truly does have a wonderful culture of serving fruit teas and cakes, tarts, pastries and muffins that are made in-house at throwaway prices. The ginger cake is something you should definitely try!  

2.   Eggs And Pancakes  

While Mcleodganj has some of the best Tibetan breakfast options, perhaps you should remember that pancakes are also a staple in the suburb. If waking up to a stack of buttery and soft pancakes in the morning sounds enticing, then you should definitely head to Illiterati cafe. Pick a book from the shelf while you’re here, and take your breakfast outside to marvel at the view. Stay for lunch, if you want.   

3.   Bakleb  

If you want a Tibetan style samosa, then do grab one in Mcleodganj. Wash it down with a cup of cappuccino. Of course, you may also finish your samosa and head to the main market to savour a crispy aloo paratha. If you find a bench around the corner somewhere, don’t waste any time. Sit down and feel the cold air tickle your hair.  

4. Thukpa And Momos 

Would the trip be complete without eating thukpa and momos? As the influence of Buddhist teachings is quite strong in Mcleodganj, a lot of places only offer vegetarian options. But you can savour non-vegetarian food, though you’ll have to search on foot.  

 5. Japanese Food

Although many people might think that pizzas and pastas are the only alternatives when they’ve had enough of Maggi and momos, here’s one experience you should put on your list: going to Lung Ta. One of the best lemon curd I have tasted was at Lung Ta. I also enjoyed a really delicious tofu, omurice, croquette and rice meal. Put it on your list!  

We hope that you’ll enjoy exploring Mcleodganj!