5 Tea Drinking Mistakes You Might Be Making Unknowingly
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Tea can be easily called the national drink of India. It is a beverage that is not season-dependent or time-dependent at all as a lot of people can have it at any point of the time during the day. It is found in most of the celebratory occasions, consumed at home regularly, and also served to guests. Also, immersing tea with some spices and herbs can relieve the body from any kind of pain or common illnesses like colds, fever, and other such things. 

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Now that monsoon is just around the corner, the whole experience of tea drinking is going to be elevated even more. But some common tea-drinking mistakes may spoil the overall charm of having tea. Here is a list of tea-drinking mistakes that you must avoid.

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Drinking A Lot Of Tea

As it is said, excess of anything is bad for the body. Tea drinking is certainly not harmful to the body, but only when a person is consuming it in moderation. Excess tea drinking can lead to high sugar levels in the body as tea in India is generally brood after adding refined sugar. Also, the nature of tea is such that it can lead to dehydration in the body. During summers and monsoons, water retention and the body is already very low and drinking more than the recommended levels of tea can disrupt the hydration balance in the body.

* Adding Too Many Ingredients 

Another common mistake that people make while making tea at home is to add too many spices to flavouring ingredients. The key to enjoying a cup of tea is to make it as simple and flavourful as possible. Most people have a misconception that adding too many ingredients to tea can make it taste better. However, the code to make delicious tea is not the use of multiple ingredients but just to simply strike a perfect balance among the different types of ingredients that are used. Also, one must avoid adding too many spices, especially the potent ones in the tea during summer.

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* Tea Just After Meal

While drinking tea, one should always be extremely careful about the time when they're drinking it. Generally, a lot of people prefer having tea just after they're done with their meals. However, this is not the right time as it may produce acid reflux in the body and also severely affect the process of digestion and protein absorption. Tea is acidic which is why it may disturb the stomach equilibrium. Hence, to make sure that the process of digestion remains normal, one should avoid drinking tea just after having the meal.

* Tea On Empty Stomach

Another common habit that people have related to drinking tea is to have it on an empty stomach. As stated above, a lot of people cannot start their day without having a cup of tea as the first thing in the morning. But drinking tea early in the morning, especially on an empty stomach can create acid reflux which may lead to related problems like bloating, constipation and even stomach cake. The best time to have tea is 2 to 2 hours after one is done having a healthy meal.

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* Brewing Tea Too Much

Many people think that boiling tea for too long helps in bringing out the best flavours in the tea. However, it does nothing other than make the tea bitter. Too much caffeine synthesis in the water can affect the body for the worse. This is why it is always better to brew tea as little as possible. Also one must add milk in the proper quantity to dilute the strong flavours of tea. Drinking excessively brewed tea regularly can disturb the stomach balance in the body.

* Milk Tea Ratio

The milk-to-ratio is a very integral part of making a delicious tea. A holistically, well-balanced, and flavoured tea consists of a perfectly balanced ratio of milk to water. Now the ratio of milk to tea is not a one-foot-all concept and it is something that one has to explore on one's own. One can try having different types of ratios and see what works best for them through trial and error methods. Always remember that the less milk that you add to the tea, the stronger it will taste. On a regular basis, a person should avoid having too strong tea as it may not be good for the body.