5 Tasty Indian Weight Loss Recipes For Lunch
Image Credit: Unsplash

Weight loss is sometimes considered a significant problem that necessitates constant attention to one's diet and lifestyle. While this is important to some extent, it may not be as difficult as it appears if you begin with a little patience and persistence. A minor change here and there in your diet and lifestyle may not be as significant as thousands of links on the internet would have led you to believe. While some of us are gifted with a fast metabolism that allows us to lose weight quickly, others may take months or years. Whatever the case, our nutrition is always an important factor in the process. One cannot continue to eat oily curries, parathas, or fries while fantasising about having a great figure. A high-protein, fibre-rich diet with little to no oil and wholesome, nutritional components makes for a healthy lunch that may aid in weight loss. Here are some healthy yet tasty recipes you can try for lunch.

1. Zero-Oil  Dal

Yes, you read that correctly. Dal may indeed be made without the use of oil. Traditional Indian comfort food is a protein-rich dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways, but nothing surpasses a plain bowl of dal. This dal recipe, which is high in fibre and protein, uses sour curd instead of oil to cook, which not only keeps excess oil at bay but also lends a tanginess to the dish. Here's the recipe.

2. Paneer Bhurji

This is one of the most simple recipes you will come across. All you need is basic ingredients and some paneer which is readily available. Simply cut the veggies, add them to the pan and scramble your paneer to make a delectable yet simple lunch dish everyone will love. Here's the recipe.

3. Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Wraps are full and delicious, but the cheesy sauces and flatbread (often made from white flour) add pounds to your weighing scale. However, if you enjoy wraps, you may turn them into a nutritious lunch by swapping some parts of it. Instead of flour-based bread, wrap the ingredients with fresh, crisp lettuce. Make a yoghurt-based sauce and combine it with thinly cut chicken pieces, tomatoes, onions, chillies, and bell peppers instead of cheese and mayo.

4. Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked south Indian dishes. Coconut rice is a tasty, easy-to-make side dish that may be easily adapted to be weight-loss friendly. This is a perfect dish for a quick and satisfying lunch. Check this recipe for the best results.

5. Flaxseed Raita

Flaxseeds are an excellent source of protein, fibre, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, among other nutrients and minerals, and they are exactly what you need to lose weight in a healthy way. This raita's use of lauki and flaxseed is a fantastic way to promote weight loss. While bottle gourd is a low-calorie food, flaxseeds aid in satiety, which reduces our propensity to eat more. Here's the recipe.