5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Phalsa

Indian sherbet berry commonly known as phalsa is one of the yummiest berries to hail from India. This purple fruit that looks like a pea, has sweet and sour flavours of the berry which is very similar to grapes and jamuns. It is a seasonal crop which is mostly grown in the months of May and June.

The phalsa plant is generally native to India but it is also grown and harvested in many South-East Asian tropical countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Phalsa is a very delicate and perishable fruit, which has a low shelf life and is often encouraged to consume quickly during summers. This is one of the reasons why it is not available all over the world.

Phalsa fruit is a member of the tiliaceae family, known to contain cyanidin 3- glucoside, vitamin C, minerals. Apart from this, it is loaded with potent antioxidants such as phosphorus, calcium, protein, carbohydrate and iron that assist in eliminating free radicals from the body cells. By consuming this fruit in summer, the body can be protected from risk of various diseases. So, let’s look at the marvellous benefits of Phalsa today.

1.    Great For Tummy

Phalsa contains plenty of potassium which greatly helps in regulating proper digestion. And consumption of phalsa fruit in diarrhea is considered beneficial. phalsa juice combined with a little rose water and sugar is known to boost the digestive system.

2.    Good For Blood

The presence of iron contained in phalsa fruit helps in blood circulation. It increases the count of haemoglobin in the body which could also help alleviate medical conditions like anemia.

3.    Strengthens The Joints

Extracts of Phalsa fruit contains flavonoids, phenolic compounds and vitamin C. It is proven by various studies that consuming phalsa with regular supplements could be beneficial in treating arthritis effectively.

4.    Builds Muscle

Bestowed with the beneficial minerals like potassium and protein, phalsa works wonders in strengthening the muscle.

5.    Healthy Glow

The antioxidant content in phalsa removes the free radicals, giving the skin a young and healthy look. The presence of anthocyanins in phalsa protects collagen which helps to purify the blood, resulting in a clear and glowy skin.