5 Sprout Types You Must Have In The Diet

Sprouts are power packed with ample minerals, proteins, vitamins and enzymes and let us agree with the fact that they taste good too. Besides, sprouts are the easiest and cheapest ways to have a diet full of nutrition. From having them for breakfast to taking them in tiffin and munching them as a snack, sprouts can do a lot.

If you think sprouting is a hard task, we might be unaware about the portable sprout makers easily available on amazon. Not just are they easy to handle but pocket friendly. So, let us tell you about 5 types of sprouts that you can have in your diet and live a healthy life. To buy these sprout makers, click the link below! 


Kidney Bean Sprouts 

Both red and dark coloured kidney beans have a high content of protein and extremely low content of carbohydrates and fats. Having kidney bean sprouts can provide the right amount of protein to your body to help build bones and strong muscles. It will work like magic if you have trouble sleeping. 

Pumpkin Seed Sprouts 

You may not know but pumpkin seeds sprouts are high in copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, protein as well as manganese. They could be the complete package of minerals and proteins. They cannot just help in building strong bones but can also boost the immune system. 

Red Clover Sprouts 

Red clover seeds are easy to sprout and add up to the nutritional value. Red clover sprouts have a high content of vitamin C, K, B3 as well as A. They can boost the immune system, promote strong bones, promote healthy skin and help in getting rid of eye-related diseases. It can also help in lowering cholesterol levels and improving brain function. 

Mung Bean Sprouts 

The most eaten sprouts are the mung bean sprouts. These sprouts come from small green beans and could be eaten raw or cooked. These sprouts are high in manganese, copper, potassium, zinc and so many vitamins. Besides, they have a low calorie and high fiber content, which makes it a perfect for a weight loss diet. 

Sesame Seed Sprouts 

The sprouts coming from sesame seeds are high in calcium and could be a healthy snack for children in their growing age. These sprouts contain less calories and high minerals like selenium and magnesium. They can build muscles and provide required energy to the body. 

So, without any delay, include these sprouts in your diet and lead a healthy life!