5 Splendid Jamun Benefits That’ll Bowl You Over

We had the luxury of growing up in a house with a huge terrace. Come summer, and the adjacent Jamun tree would be plump with those tiny purple berries, that we’d savour in the evening with a sprinkle of chaat masala. Seldom did we purchase Jamuns from a fruit vendor, for we had the luxury to fetch it directly from the bulky tree (if the monkeys wouldn’t beat us to it). Nowadays, not only can we name many exotic berries from all around the world, they have also become commonplace on our breakfast table. We hardly have time to wait a whole season for our very own Indian berry like jamun or black plum, but here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t give up on these tarty treats, just as yet.  

1. Good for Diabetics 

Not just the fruit, even the seeds of jamun are known to have antidiabetic properties. It has a low glycemic index too, which means that it ensures that your blood sugar levels rises gradually after you eat them.  

2. Excellent for skin and eyes

Being a good source of Vitamin C, Jamun could be a great addition to your diet as it helps fight free radical activity that causes premature ageing and dullness.  

3. Increases Haemoglobin

They are a very good source of iron that helps production of red blood cells. Additionally, they are also enriched with Vitamin C, that are good for blood antioxidant levels.  

4. Good for Weight-Loss 

The oblong-shaped berries are incredibly low in calories. They are also very rich in fibre that helps keep you full, further preventing you from grabbing a high-calorie snack.  

5. Is Beneficial for Heart 

Jamun is a potent package of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The polephenols present in the fruit may protect the inner lining of heart from cardiovascular damage. 

Go ahead, grab hold of some yummy jamuns and snack healthy-The Indian style!