5 Special Chikki Recipes To Try This Winter
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A variety of delectable treats that make us want to cuddle up in a blanket and enjoy them with our friends and family are brought on by winter. The chikki is one such delicious winter delicacy. All around the nation, people adore this sweet and salty brittle made with jaggery, almonds, and ghee. In India, the chikki is referred to by a variety of names: in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, it is called "layiya patti," in Sindh, "layee or lai," and in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, "palli patti." You may easily buy a variety of chikkis at every other neighbourhood store throughout the winter because this food is so popular during that season. We have figured out how to produce these delectable chikkis variants at home. You no longer have to rush to the store whenever you want chikki.

A wintertime favourite, this traditional peanut snack is comprised of peanuts, jaggery, and ghee. During holidays like Lohri, Pongal, and Maker Sankranti, this peanut ki chikki is baked especially for the occasion. A delicious jaggery-based peanut brittle or chikki recipe. It is the ideal snack to have in the winter to keep warm.

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Til ki chikki is a wonderful and incredibly simple chikki recipe made with the goodness of sesame seeds. The ready chikki may be kept for months in storage, which is an added bonus. This delectable winter treat is prepared especially for holidays like Lohri and Makar Sankranti. Due to its long shelf life, this crunchy brittle til chikki can be kept and enjoyed for months.

Dry fruit chikki

This chikki recipe is for you if you share our love of dry fruits. This chikki makes a delectable snack thanks to the deliciousness of traditional dry fruits like almonds, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts. This chikki has all the flavours of peanuts and other dry fruits. 

Chana dal chikki

We now have a simple chikki recipe that will make for a delightful winter snack with chana dal, a versatile and healthful bean. A similar dish to the traditional peanut chikki, chana dal chikki is richer and more flavorful. The addition of roasted Bengal grammes gives the chikki an earthy flavour in addition to its beloved nutty flavour.

Gulab badaam chikki

There are several different types of chikki, ranging from the most popular peanut-jaggery chikki to coconut chikki and this particular almond-rose chikki. A healthy and delectable chikki is created when the crunch of the almonds and the aromatic rose flavour is mixed. The evening tea will go well with this chikki.