5 Soothing Foods To Eat When You Can't Taste Anything
Image Credit: Photo: Pille R. Priske

Some things will not taste the way they used to when you come down with a mild infection. But in case you have caught the virus, it is certain you may not be able to taste many things at all. This is a tell-tale sign that your body wants to resist being fed so that the germs which invaded your body can take control. But until your health improves, you cannot stop eating during this time, as you need to get the nutrients in your system to fight the virus. What you should remember is that you should eat and drink what you like, even if you cannot taste it.  

But you obviously won’t be making macaroni and cheese, when you cannot even taste it, right? No, don’t look at it that way. Sometimes, the thought of biting into a cheesy bowl of carbs is satisfying enough. But you’ll be really, really better off if you also eat the foods that are genuinely soothing. Sure, you won't be able to taste them. But they'll do their thing and give you comfort. Here, we list them out. I mean, these are the foods we just can’t do without, right?  


1. Fruits  


I cannot remember the time I was ill and didn’t crave a good bowl of fresh fruits. Even though I awkwardly bit into a ripe and juicy mango and tasted nothing, I still felt I needed to eat it. That itself felt so good!  

Photo: Jo Sonn

2.  Steamed vegetables  

Not many people will remember to eat steamed vegetables on a normal day, but suddenly steamed vegetables become our favourite food on our bad days because they are satisfying to eat. You have plenty of choices: carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, beetroot…the list goes on!  

3.  Biscuits 

An ill person may only want biscuits to sate their sugar cravings. After all, it is easy to enjoy biscuits and one would want to finish a whole pack of biscuits. Don’t worry about not finding the taste right...just hog.  

Photo: Ali Jouyandeh

4. Rice  

Highly recommend mixing a dash of red chilli powder and turmeric in rice, and eating it plain or with cubes of cottage cheese. You may not be able to taste the flavour but definitely eat it. It is the most soothing food on the planet!  

5. Curd 

Yes, of course, curd. It is soothing when you feel under the weather. If you are okay with sugar, then do opt for flavoured yoghurt. Tasteless as it might be, you’ll surely derive some joy from it. Otherwise, the regular plain yoghurt is just as good. Top it on fruits or eat with a side of granola! 

Photo: Lavi Perchik 


We hope that you’ll include these foods in your diet. What other foods do you like to eat?