5 Snacks That Can Make Your Movie Night At Home Special
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Come weekend and we can't help but crave good food! My idea of a perfect weekend would be a good movie with friends or family with endless servings of irresistibly delicious snacks and wine, what do you think? A delicious snack can instantly make any plan better, isn’t it? And let's admit, no movie is complete without a tub of popcorn to munch on, and the movie theatres have gotten us spoiled into choosing between sweet to savory and extra spicy varieties. But now we have options beyond the usual popcorn too. While we all might be used to buying our movie night snacks from the store nearby, did you know you can make some of the easiest snacks at home as well? So the next time you have friends over for a movie marathon, you don't need to buy any of the expensive packets from market. Be it your butter popcorns, or your finger food, it can all be made at home with easy ingredients. Does your family love potato bites? Well make at home. All you need is some potatoes, garlic, chilli flake and rice flour and you are good to go. After all, what’s a movie watching experience without some snacks on the side? 

So if you too are planning a movie night with friends or family and wondering what all to keep for munching along with it, we’ve got you covered with some of the best options from Slurrp. 

1. Parmesan Ranch Chicken Fingers 

Nothing better than drool-worthy finger food to compliment a good movie. And these chicken fingers marinated in parmesan ranch dressing, dredged in parmesan bread crumbs and baked to perfect crisp and golden, is exactly what we are craving already. 

2. Chicken and Almond Finger Sandwiches 

These cute mini sandwiches with chicken chunks tossed-in with mayonnaise, celery, crunchy nuts and terragon, is too delicious to resist. The combination of nuts with chicken makes this wholesome and unique.  

3. Crispy Fingerling Potatoes 

Homemade potato chips, made with just four ingredients including a hint of rosemary and kosher salt makes this an absolute delight.  

4. Chilli Sugared Popcorn 

Is a movie plan ever complete without some popcorns on the table? This version of popcorn with a balance of chilli and sugar along with sea salt flakes and cinnamon is a real crowd pleaser. 

5. Air-Fryer Grilled Cheese 

Heart is where a block of cheese is, and no snacks menu is ever done without one (at least for me). This air-fried grilled cheese is exactly what cheese dreams are made of! Gooey melted cheese with a slight crisp of bread makes me want to make some right away. What about you?