5 Simple Food Swaps That Can Prevent Weight Gain And Make You Look Healthier

Want to shed some extra calories and live a healthier life? Do you think this would require you to abandon your favourite foods completely? If yes, we are here to tell you otherwise. Contradictory to widespread opinion, you do not require a total overhaul of your preferred food items to prevent weight gain. All you need is to create some place for better and nutritious things to replace your favourites. These food swaps can help you lose weight and keep your cardiovascular and psychological health good. Also, these simple swaps can slash your calorie intake by up to 50 per cent. Let's know about these healthy food swaps.

Opt For Mustard Instead of Mayonnaise

This simple food can help you cut down on around 90 calories every day. Just one tablespoon of mayo contains this many calories. Mustard sauce, on the other hand, has zero calories. Mustard is also rich in nutrients, including vitamin A, C, K, selenium, manganese, magnesium etc. It is a good source of significant antioxidants that can protect you from inflammation and heal faster.

Drink Seltzer Water Instead of Soda

Quenching your thirst with soda adds over 100 calories to your system. Its high sugar content can cause sleep disorder, increase your risk of developing diabetes, weight gain, and heart diseases. You can prevent this occurrence by just swapping the soda with a healthier option like seltzer. Do not have it plain. You can toss in lemon and even orange for better weight loss results.

Swap Sugary Cereal With Oatmeal or Yogurt

Most cereals are low in essential micronutrients such as fibre and protein and high in sugar. Some grains contain high-fructose corn syrup and artificial food dyes known to cause behavioural issues in children. We recommend you have oatmeal or yoghurt instead of this highly harmful food. Oatmeal is packed with protein and fibre and is known to be a natural alternative for cereals. You can also have yoghurt with fresh berries or crushed almonds during breakfast.

Replace Walnuts With Pistachios

If you like munching on walnuts to control your hunger pangs, you should switch to its healthier swap option, which is pistachios. An equal amount of both the dry fruits has a difference of 30 calories. Also, when you eat walnuts, you go on munching on far too many without realising. However, pistachios help you snack slowly and feel fuller early.

Pick Homemade Veggie Chips Instead of Chips 

Chips available in the market do taste satisfying. But they lack nutrition. Opting for this snack daily can damage your health majorly. They are rich in fat and calories. Also, they are capable of causing high blood pressure. Therefore, it is advised to go for homemade chips instead. They are packed with antioxidants, significant minerals, and vitamins. You can have kale chips, beet chips, roasted chickpeas, etc. These are enough to control your hunger pangs and make you feel fuller. Notably, kale chips are low in calories. On the other hand, chickpeas contain magnesium and fibre that help in weight loss and control your blood sugar level and nerve function.