5 Refreshing Summer Drinks From Northeast India
Image Credit: Source: tandoorichic/Instagram

With the onset of summer, we know it’s time for you to indulge in everything refreshing, cool and delectable. Be it fruits and vegetables or beverages, summer brings with them a chance to savour everything revitalising to our heart’s content. From mangoes to watermelons and berries, summer goodies are perfect to quench our thirst and leave us refreshed altogether. But have you ever thought of foods and drinks that are not made with these summer fruits and vegetables? Well, if not, now is the time to think and incorporate these drinks from northeast India into your summer checklist. Check them out:

1. Xaj Paani

A fermented rice-based alcoholic beverage, xaj paani is popular among the Ahoms in Assam. The Assamese drink has varied names among different tribes starting from ‘apong’ to ‘haria’.

2. Chhaang

Made with either rice, barley or millet, chhang is usually offered by the Lepcha community in Sikkim during their religious ceremonies. The alcoholic beverage is equally cooling and pungent.

Quite popular for its nutritional benefits, thongba is from Sikkim. Made with millets, the beverage is a traditional drink of the Limboo tribes of the state.

Meghalaya is known for its locally brewed alcohol varieties and Ki Kiad Um is one of them. The locally-made rice beer is all things cooling and delicious too. The pungent flavour and the cooling effects of the beer is enough to leave you revitalised. The drink is popular amongst the Khasi and Jaintia tribes.

5. Apong

Almost all of us are aware of the nutritional benefits of millets. Considered a superfood for its magical nutritional benefits, millets are often advised to be included in one’s daily diet. And when it's summer and we are talking about cooling beverages along with millets, we can’t help but mention apong. An organic wine popular amongst the Nyishi tribal community in Arunachal Pradesh, apong is cooling and nutritious as well.