5 Reasons Why Mangoes Are Soaked In Water

Summer may not be as good as winter but one thing it does great is that it brings us an opportunity to indulge in lots and lots of delicious mangoes. Who doesn’t love mangoes? Not only does this humble fruit bring back our childhood memories but also tingles our taste buds. From drinks to desserts, from snacks to main course, you can use mangoes literally everywhere. No wonder, mango is known as the king of fruits. 

If you remember, your parents or elders always asked you to first soak mangoes in water for at least half an hour before having it. This half an hour was quite a lot to test our patience but was considered an essential step. But why? Why do we need to soak mangoes in water every single time? Well, this is not just an age-old tradition but has scientific reasons behind it. Here are 5 reasons why we must soak mangoes in water before eating them. 

Helps Removing Harmful Chemicals 

Mango are power packed with vitamin A, K, C, B and E but its stem contains some harmful chemicals like phytic acid. If some studies are to be believed, this acid can lead to mineral deficiencies in the body. But when mangoes are soaked in water, this anti-nutrient vanishes, and the fruit becomes healthier and delicious. 

Helps Becoming A Weight-Loss Friendly Fruit 

How can soaking mangoes in water make them become weight-loss friendly? Well, mangoes contain phytochemicals which can have bad effects on the body when consumed in an excess quantity. But it is beneficial when consumed in smaller quantities. After mangoes are soaked in water, the phytochemicals decrease and bust the body’s fat cells. Thus, it can assist you in your weight loss journey. 

Removes Insecticides and Pesticides 

Even though the mango is ‘organic’, it is very rare that the fruit is pesticide free. If some experts are to be believed, some soils are mixed up with pesticides and fertilizers and when the fruit takes the nutrients from the soil, it also takes up those toxic chemicals which can lead to so many infections and illnesses. Soaking in water removes these insecticides and pesticides to a great extent. 

Helps Reducing Heat 

It happens with many people that they get blisters after eating mangoes. This is because mangoes can increase the body’s heat and cause rashes, acne, blisters, nausea and even headaches. When the mangoes are soaked in water for at least 25 to 30 minutes, their thermogenic properties are reduced, and this keeps our body protected. 

Helps Testing If the Mango Is Naturally Ripened Or Artificially Ripened 

Many people come up with this question if there is a way to know if the mangoes are grown naturally or artificially. Here is your chance. Some people use calcium carbide to ripen the mangoes faster and this can have bad effects on the body. When soaked in water, if the mangoes sink then they are naturally ripened and if the mangoes float, they are grown artificially! 

Now you know why we soak mangoes in water before eating. Let us know if you want to get more such content!