5 Reasons To Add A Chimney To Your Kitchen
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A lot of us like spending time in the kitchen cooking our favourite food for ourselves and our family. In this case, maintaining kitchen hygiene is extremely important. We do remember cleaning the kitchen frequently to make sure that it remains germ-free. But there is one thing that most of us end up ignoring that is proper ventilation to remove smoke. Installing a chimney is important as it ensures that the smoke doesn't accumulate in the kitchen. The process of grilling, frying and even other methods lead to the generation of a lot of smoke. The smoke accumulated in the kitchen leads to difficulty in breathing and also creates an unhealthy environment in the kitchen. The smoke is transferred to the other parts of the house and can create difficulty for everyone. Here are some of the top reasons why you must install a chimney in your kitchen.

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* Life Of Appliances 

The smoke created during the process of cooking directly affects the life of your appliances. The oil and smoke residue can get into your appliances and affect their life and functions. This is why it is very important to install a proper chimney system in your kitchen. That ensures that all the smoke is carried out of your house and none of your kitchen appliances gets affected. You will see that your kitchen appliances like fridge, oven or dishwasher will stay perfectly fine for a very long time.

* Smoke-Free Environment 

This is the most important reason why you must install a chimney in your kitchen. Ensuring that your kitchen is free from unnecessary smoke and pollutants is very important. The accumulation of smoke in your kitchen is not only hazardous for your health but it will also negatively impact the cooked food. The biomass consists of a lot of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. This can directly impact the respiratory system and cause severe infections in the lungs. Women and children are most likely to be affected by this gas and develop chronic conditions. To avoid such things, it is better to install a chimney that is directly above your gas stove. This placement ensures that all the smoke or gas produced from the cooked food is directly taken out through the chimney.

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* Well Maintained Kitchen

The accumulation of excess smoke and your kitchen also leads to the development of oil and grease stains. You will find stains on your gas slab, fridge and other appliances in the kitchen. Over time, these stains become so rigid that it is almost impossible to remove them. Most of these are formed because of the excess accumulation of smoke and oil produced from the cooked food in your kitchen. Having a chimney will ensure that all the unwanted pollutants do not gather in your kitchen and make it dirty.

* Odour Free

Not only the smoke generated during the process of cooking is harmful to our lungs but it also has a very strong smell that none of us likes. The whole joy of cooking is disturbed if the kitchen doesn't smell good. This kind of odour cannot be removed with the help of room fresheners or other perfumes. This is why you need to install a chimney in your home. By the removal of smoke as soon as it's created, there will be no bad-smelling pollutants left in your kitchen.

* Removes Heat

Most of the modern-day chimneys that are electric have very impressive suction power. These chimneys take away all the unnecessary aroma during the process of cooking that may trigger sneezing in a lot of people. It also helps in removing the excess heat generated during the process of cooking in your kitchen. The atmosphere is a lot lighter and you will see that the temperature is not as high as it used to be in the absence of a chimney. Having the chimney in your kitchen is a must during hot and humid days when the temperature is already very high.

These days a variety of chimneys are available in the market as per the requirement of an individual. You will get an electric chimney, ducted chimney, curved chimney, flat chimney, and many more such types. To choose the right type for yourself, you must visit a store and discuss it with somebody who has knowledge for the same. As per your requirements and what is suitable for you, you can get a chimney for yourself.