5 Quick And Easy Sago Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings
Image Credit: Sago Kheer

Sawan is here and the one ingredient which makes its appearance during the fast is sabudana or sago. Have you ever wondered why do we eat sago during fasts? Sabudana or sago is known for its high energy and carbohydrates. It makes for a wholesome diet rich in nutrients that can be beneficial for the body during fasts. It also has cooling properties and is also easy to digest. Best part, it is low in calories and is preferred as a light meal, especially during fasts. 

We all have tried sabudana khichdi and sabudana vada, but have you ever tried sago or sabudana desserts? If your answer is no, we have something for you. Here are quick and easy sago desserts that you can make at home. Here you go! 

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Mango Sago Pudding 

The mango season is about to end, and it is totally fair to celebrate even the last bit of it to the fullest. This mango sago pudding is easy to make and can satisfy your sweet craving like anything. Made up of coconut flesh, sago, milk, condensed milk and mango, this snack could be perfect for impromptu parties as small get-togethers. 

Sago Kheer 

Kheer is a very common dessert in India, but have you ever tried sago or sabudana kheer? This sabudana kheer is thick, creamy and delicious. Made up of soaked sago pearls, this dessert makes up for a perfect dessert to be enjoyed during the fasts. This kheer is luscious and irresistibly delicious. 

Sago Falooda

What could be more tempting than a bowl of falooda kulfi? But did you ever get a chance to try sabudana falooda? Made with kulfi, chia seeds and sabudana, this dessert is cooling, soothing and scrumptious. Next time, get over regular and try sago falooda instead. 

Sago Fruit Custard 

Sabudana or sago custard dessert is a healthy and refreshing dessert that needs your attention. Made up with milk, sago, assorted fruits, nuts and custard powder, this delicious dessert highlights vibrant flavours of fruits and custards and makes for an amazing and quick dessert. 

Sago Halwa 

Halwa has a separate fanbase. Among so many halwas that you have tried, did you ever get a chance to taste sago halwa? Sabudana or sago halwa can be made in just 15 minutes and is too delicious to handle.  You can have this dessert in your sawan fasts or literally on any other day. Isn't it great? 

Have you ever tried these desserts? Do let us know!