5 Quick And Easy Mushroom Snacks To Pair With Your Evening Tea
Image Credit: Hotel Cabana/facebook

Teatime in India is not just a daily ritual; it's a cherished tradition that brings people together. Whether you're catching up with friends, enjoying a quiet moment alone, or engaging in a family gathering, teatime is a perfect opportunity to indulge in delectable snacks. While the usual suspects like samosas and pakoras often steal the spotlight, why not consider adding a twist to your tea-time spread with mushroom-based snacks? Mushrooms, with their unique texture and umami flavor, can elevate your tea-time experience to a whole new level. Here are five delightful mushroom-based Indian snacks that pair beautifully with your evening cup of tea. 

Mushroom Tikki

Tikkis are beloved across India, and these mushroom-infused versions add a touch of earthiness to the classic potato patties. To prepare mushroom tikkis, finely chop fresh mushrooms and sauté them with onions, garlic, and a blend of spices. Combine this mushroom mixture with boiled and mashed potatoes, shaping them into small patties. Coat the tikkis with breadcrumbs and shallow fry until golden brown. The crispy exterior complements the tender mushroom filling, making it an ideal companion to a steaming cup of tea. 

Stuffed Mushroom Buns 

Imagine biting into a fluffy bun to discover a flavorful mushroom surprise inside. Stuffed mushroom buns are a delightful fusion snack that merges the comfort of a bun with the richness of mushroom filling. For the filling, sauté chopped mushrooms with aromatic spices and onions until they release their moisture and develop a deep flavor. Let the mixture cool, then stuff it into small rounds of dough. Bake the buns until they turn golden and emit an irresistible aroma. The combination of the soft bun and the savory mushroom filling is a match made in tea-time heaven. 

Mushroom Pakoras

Pakoras are a staple at Indian tea sessions, and mushroom pakoras offer a unique twist on this classic snack. To create these crispy delights, slice mushrooms and coat them in a spiced chickpea flour batter. Deep fry until they turn golden brown and achieve a satisfying crunch. The earthiness of the mushrooms contrasts wonderfully with the spicy coating, making these pakoras an excellent companion to your cup of tea, especially on a rainy day. 

Mushroom Masala Puffs

If you're a fan of flaky pastries, mushroom masala puffs are a must-try. These puffs are filled with a luscious mixture of mushrooms and spices, encapsulated in layers of buttery puff pastry. For the filling, sauté mushrooms with onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices until they become tender and develop a rich gravy. Allow the mixture to cool, then spoon it onto squares of puff pastry, folding them into triangles. Bake until the pastry turns golden brown and releases an enticing aroma. The juxtaposition of the delicate puff pastry and the robust mushroom masala filling is a delightful treat to savor with your evening tea. 

Mushroom and Paneer Rolls

Rolls are a convenient and flavorful snack option, and mushroom and paneer roll blend two beloved ingredients into a satisfying package. For the filling, combine sautéed mushrooms, crumbled paneer (Indian cottage cheese), and a medley of spices. Spread this mixture onto thin, roti-like flatbreads and roll them up tightly. You can cut them into bite-sized pieces for easy snacking. The combination of the meaty mushrooms and creamy paneer provides a burst of flavors that pairs harmoniously with the soothing notes of your tea. 

Incorporating mushroom-based snacks into your tea-time repertoire not only introduces new flavors but also adds a dose of nutrition to your indulgence. Mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making these snacks not only delicious but also healthful. Furthermore, their distinct texture and umami taste provide a satisfying alternative to traditional tea-time snacks. 

As you explore these mushroom-based Indian snacks, remember that creativity is key. Feel free to experiment with different types of mushrooms and spice blends to tailor the flavors to your preferences. Whether you're hosting guests or enjoying a peaceful moment alone, these snacks are bound to impress and delight your taste buds. 

In conclusion, teatime is a cherished tradition in India, and what better way to elevate it than by introducing mushroom-based snacks to the spread? From the earthy goodness of mushroom tikkis to the delectable surprise of stuffed mushroom buns, these snacks bring a fresh dimension to your tea-time experience. So, the next time you brew a cup of tea, consider pairing it with these delightful mushroom-based treats for a truly unforgettable indulgence.