5 Potato Side Dishes You Need To Try
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

India's love or obsession with potatoes is an old one. That's because the tuber can fit with almost every other vegetable and goes well with any dish. You use it so generously for your mains, but it could be a good option for your side dishes too. Whether you are craving something spicy, comforting or mild, potato has got you covered. Here are 6 potato side dishes to accompany your main dish.

Roasted potatoes

It can quickly complete all your meals with less effort. Choose some small sized potatoes, cut them to halves, roast with spices and there you go. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve with any dish.

Mashed potatoes

This thick delicious dish will go with your meat recipes quite well. You can add spices of your choice to enhance the taste.

Deep fried potatoes

Slice your potatoes thinly and deep fry them using your favourite spices. This will go with your biryani, pulao or you can have it with some dip as a snack too.

Potato bhajia

If you're looking for something more Indian, then potato bhajia is great option. However, if it seems heavy to you considering you want it as a side dish then you can try a version of bihari brinjal pakoda. Just dip your potato slices in a thin paste of gram flour and fry them. The potato inside should be a little visible.

Aloo chop

Another Indian dish famous in states like Bihar and Jharkhand. It is similar to aloo tikki. Spices and other ingredients are added to mashed potatoes, small balls are made and lightly pressed. It is then dipped in gram flour paste and deep fried. Usually used as a snack with chutney, you can include it as a side dish too.

Creamy salsa potatoes

You love it and there's no denying it. This creamy, yummy starter is truly one of a kind. The texture and taste is very appetising and you'll love it with your main dishes.

So, don't leave your main dishes alone and include versatile potato to amp up the fare.