5 Places to Relish Drool-Worthy Nihari In Delhi
Image Credit: Image: Facebook: Nihari Baba

Let’s just agree to the fact that the Mughals contribution to the Indian cuisine is one of the most noteworthy in our culinary history. Delhi is a witness to the birth of many Mughlai gems that continue to entice us till date. Nihari, is one such delicacy. The word 'Nihari' originated from the Arabic word, 'Nahaar' which means morning. Hence, the dish originally was eaten as a morning meal by the Mughals right after the prayer. A stew-based dish, Nihari is made by slow cooking meat along with the bone barrow. The combination of Nalli Nihari with Khameeri Roti is a traditional breakfast that rules the streets of Old Delhi even till date. For the unversed, the origin of Nihari dates back somewhere between the 17th-18th century, and per several food historians it was developed in Old Delhi.  

There are many eateries in Delhi that have preserved the age-old making of Nihari and serves just like the old times. If you are someone who is craving traditional Nihari in Delhi, we’ve got your back with some of the best spots. 

1. Kallu Nihari 

The legacy of Old Delhi's legendary nihari walla, Kallu Mian, lives on at Kallu Nihari which is hidden behind Delite Cinema at Asaf Ali Road. It carved a niche for itself some 20 years ago so much that everyone swears by the nihari here. Slow-cooked for hours till tender, simmering in gravy and beautifully spiced, Kallu Mian's nihari is worth a trip to the narrow lanes of Purani Dilli. It is served with Khamiri Roti just out of the oven, the combination is like an explosion of flavours.

2. Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale 

Located at Jama Masjid, Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale has to be one of the best for NIharis around. Tender mutton cooked with a hint of Taar, a bit from previous day's leftover, Nihari with khamiri roti is the best bet on their small menu.


3. Karims 

Any true Delhi foodie would know about the legendary Karims. And while you may know it for its kebabs and biryanis, the Nihari at Karims too is unmissable.

4. Al Jawahar 

With a huge menu boasting of Indian non-vegetarian delights one after another, it can be easy to get swayed for a foodie when at Al Jawahar. And while you can gorge on its legendary chicken changezi or pasanda, do not forget to nosh on Nihari. That’s the real deal.

5. Madina Chicken Corner  

With three outlets in the area of Zakir Nagar alone, this street side joint has definitely grown over time, and chances are you’ll find all of them full.  The Ghee Nihari over here is what can leave you swooning as about three spoons of ghee smears over it.