5 Places In Mumbai That Serve The Best Kunafeh
Image Credit: Knafeh/ Instagram- cake_desserts_

Kunafeh or Knafeh is a popular middle eastern dessert made with kataifi pastry, stuffed with delicious melted cheese and topped with fragrant syrup. This heavenly delicacy has been one of the most photographed desserts online, and it’s probably because of its vibrant look, rich texture and of course its super aesthetic cheese pull. 

Here are some of the best places in Mumbai to enjoy this decadent dessert


Prepare your tastebuds for an exquisite middle-eastern culinary experience! Located in 5 of Mumbai’s most happening neighbourhoods, Bayroute brings to you its in-house Knafeh called K’nafi Jibneh, with a taste sublime enough to make you feel like royalty. From the crunch of angel-hair kataifi, the tempting molten cheese pull to the luxurious aroma of pistachios and rose, this dessert certainly has it all. But that’s not all this place offers. Bayroute gives you an all-in-one dining experience with Mediterranean delicacies like Za’atar Chicken, Grilled Halloumi, Batata Harra and much more.

Price for two- Rs 3000

Kunafah/ Instagram- _byneri