5 OF The Most Bizarre Pizza Toppings In The World
Image Credit: Did you know about these 5 bizarre pizza toppings from across the world?

Pizza is one dish that has evolved from being just an Italian staple to a popular fast-food item available across the world. Thanks to pizza chains, we’ve got a variety of options to choose from. One can experiment with the dough, crust, sauces and most of all the toppings. And people have experimented quite a lot in that department. While some topping experiments are surprisingly delicious, some are outright bizarre. No, we aren’t talking about just pineapple or kiwi , but were talking about the world where green pea is also a legitimate pizza topping. Yes, you read that right.  

Speaking of some of the world’s most bizarre pizza toppings, we’ve listed five of them. You can choose to cringe or maybe give a try? 

1. Banana and Peanuts 

As if kiwi or pineapple weren't enough, banana too made it as a pizza topping in Sweden. A mix of banana, peanuts and spoonful of curry may sound delicious otherwise but to put it together over a pizza? We need time to think on that! 

2. Mayonnaise and Potato 

Sure, potato is popular kitchen ingredient for a variety of delicacies, but potatoes laced in mayonnaise over a pizza would be tad too much even for a potato lover, but the Japanese seems to love it. What do you think? 

3. 24 Karat Gold Leaf 

Okay, so how much would you spend on a pizza? How about USD 2,000? If we talk 24 karat gold leaves as a topping, you better be ready to loosen the purse strings. US citizens might give this exotic dish a try.

4. Green Peas 

If you are in Brazil, you needn't think too much to make the kids eat their greens. Green peas over a pizza is a common sight in the country. Apart from green peas, raisins is also a popular pizza topping there.

5. Crocodile & Kangaroo Meat 

Guess Australia is making the most of the vast wildlife they have since crocodiles and kangaroo meat is one of the common pizza toppings there.  Dare to eat?

Which one of the toppings are you trying next on your pizza?