5 Must Try Sattu Dishes From Bihar

Sattu is a fantastic source of protein, fibre, and other vital nutrients because it is produced from roasted barley or gram (chickpea). Its nutritional makeup enriches the Bihari diet. Sattu has several different applications and is quite adaptable. It can be taken as a drink, blended with water and spices, or used as a stuffing in foods like litti and parathas.H

Here is the list of prominent dishes of sattu from Bihari cuisine:

1. Sattu Paratha :
 A common meal in Bihar and other northern Indian states, sattu paratha has a unique flavour that is both tasty and comforting.The roasted barley or gram that is used to make sattu gives the paratha a nutty, slightly earthy flavour. This organic flavour enhances the whole experience. A mild sweetness, which results in a harmonious blend of flavours, may or may not be present , depending on the particular preparation. Usually, a combination of spices, including cumin, coriander, and green chilies, is used to season the sattu parcel. This infusion of spices adds a subtle yet fragrant bite to the flavour.Cooking on a griddle makes the whole wheat flour used to make the paratha's outer layer crispy. This creates a contrast with the sattu filling, which is rough and delicate.

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2. Sattu ka Sharbat:
A popular summertime beverage in Bihar and other parts of India, sattu ka sharbat has a unique flavour that is invigorating and pleasant. Because of its reputation for providing cooling effects, Sattu ka sharbat is an excellent option on hot summer days. A cool and revitalising drink is produced by blending the taste of sattu with water and ice.A mixture of spices, including as black salt, roasted cumin powder, and occasionally a dash of red chilli powder, are typically used in sattu ka sharbat. These spices create a pleasing harmony between savoury and sweet flavours, giving the flavour profile depth and complexity. Sweetening agents like jaggery or sugar are frequently used to add sweetness to sattu ka sharbat. The delicate sweetness lets the nuttiness of the sattu come through without overpowering it.

3. Litti chokha:

Sattu is a key ingredient and lends a unique flavour to litti chokha, a classic dish in Bihari cooking. Ajwain (carom seeds), chopped green chilies, and roasted cumin are some of the ingredients that give the sattu filling its well-balanced flavour. The dish's overall flavour profile is improved by the mix of these spices.The texture of the sattu in the litti stuffing creates a nice contrast with the baked or grilled litti's exterior. An intriguing textural feature is created by the inside stuffing's retention of some coarseness.Chokha, a side dish of roasted and mashed vegetables, mostly eggplant and tomatoes, is frequently served with litti. Chokha's acidic and smokey flavours blend well with the nutty and savoury taste of sattu, creating a great flavour.

4. Sattu ki kachori:

A mainstay of Bihari cuisine, Sattu ki kachori provides a distinct and aromatic taste sensation.In contrast to the softer inside, the crispy and crunchy outside of the deep-fried golden brown kachori is a striking sight.Made from roasted gramme flour (sattu), the filling is seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, including coriander, cumin, and occasionally green chilies. This gives the kachori a flavour that is earthy, nutty, and slightly spicy.The taste is enhanced overall by the use of aromatic spices. The savoury and well-balanced flavour of the sattu filling is enhanced by the combination of coriander and cumin.Typically, sattu ki kachori has a moderate amount of spice, which lets the flavours of the sattu and spices come through without being overbearing. It is mostly served with a variety of curries, gravies and chutneys. 

5. Sattu ladoo: 
Popular in Bihar, Sattu ka ladoo is renowned for its distinct flavour, which combines the sweetness of jaggery or sugar with the nutty aroma of roasted grams of flour (sattu). The outcome of the combination is a delicious treat that perfectly embodies Bihari food.The earthy, somewhat toasted flavour of the sattu in the ladoo gives the dessert a unique foundation. Jaggery or sugar adds a well-balanced sweetness that lets the nuttiness of the sattu shine through without being too dominant.Additionally, ghee, or clarified butter, is frequently added to sattu ka ladoo, giving the dessert a rich, buttery undertone. This flavour combination creates a gratifying and healthful palate experience.Typically, cardamom or additional spices are used to season the ladoos.