5 Must-Have Cookbooks By Indian Chefs
Image Credit: Image courtesy: Pixabay

It doesn’t imply if you are a pro or an “I only know how to make Maggi and chai” cook; cookbooks are everybody’s friends. No culinary master has gained his/her/their experience without reading the cookbooks that usually our grandmas had hidden at the back of the kitchen shelves. A good cookbook can take you on a joyous ride into the world of culinary delights, and you’ll find it quite challenging to come back. We have listed five cookbooks by some prodigious Indian chefs who have showcased their culinary skills at international levels. You can grab them if you want a glimpse of their cooking style and culinary expertise.

1. Prashad: Cooking with Indian Masters by Jiggs Kalra
Popularly known as the “Czar of Indian cuisine”, Jiggs Kalra elevated Indian fine dining to another level. His book ‘Prashad’ has proved to be a seminal read for numerous aspiring chefs. The book unveiled how the flavour profile of various Indian sauces and curry bases can be assembled to make any dish, whether rustic or fine dining.

2. Utsav: A Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals by Chef Vikas Khanna
An extremely renowned Michelin-Star Indian chef who is also a food writer, filmmaker, restaurateur, and humanitarian, Vikas Khanna has written over 40 cookbooks. His book ‘Utsav: A Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals is a 1200-pages long photographic book that took the chef 12 years to compile. The book is an exciting amalgamation of food, festivals and the diverse communities of India.

3. Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen by Chef Vineet Bhatia
Paving the path for many Indian chefs by redefining modern Indian cooking, Chef Vineet Bhatia is the first Indian chef to win a Michelin star. His first book ‘Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen’ is a combination of classicism and modernity. The book has over 150 of his most famous recipes with some sumptuous photographs by Lisa Barber.

4. The Yello Chilli Cookbook by Sanjeev Kapoor
There is no denying the fact that we all have watched ‘Khaana khazaana’ by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor at least once in our lives. His book ‘The Yellow Chilli Cookbook’ is an award-winning cookbook with some of the most delicious recipes and dishes served in the ‘Yellow Chilli’ chain of restaurants across the country. The book has recipes for all moods, seasons, and occasions.

5. In The Kitchen by Kunal Kapur
Having gained a reputation by serving his delicacies and showcasing his culinary skills, Chef Kunal Kapur is a passionate cook and is respected by food connoisseurs worldwide. His book ‘In The Kitchen’ combines 15 sumptuous recipes and some delightful conversations from his grandfather’s kitchen.

Whether you are a specialist or beginner in the kitchen, you must read these cookbooks to unveil the beauty and versatility of Indian cuisine and the secrets of fine-dining Indian food. So get your hands on these books and have a joyous ride in the secret lanes of Indian cuisine.